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Toyota Yaris Verso - Flexible And Reliable Japanese Car


Toyota Yaris Verso belongs to MPV class and was introduced by the Japanese car company Toyota Corporation in 1999. The car Yaris verso is used for both practical as well as leisure use. The car shared the technological features and design with Toyota Yaris, however it offers much more room as well as better interior than Yaris.


Yaris Verso is flexible and reliable Japanese car. The outside design of the car defines pure class and compactness of the Toyota Taris Verso. Buying this car is always a great option if you are living in the city where you need to deal with the huge traffic every day. Talking  about Japanese used cars market, used yaris verso 2005, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2011, 2010, 2006 have great demand.

Specifications of Toyota  Yaris Verso

Toyota Yaris VersoToyota Yaris Verso offered with two powerful gasoline engines along with 84 hp and 105 hp. Toyota Yaris Verso was introduced with 1.3 and 1.5 liter petrol engines, while 1.4 liter D4-D diesel version was introduced in 2001. The 1.4 liter diesel engine gives the output of 75hp.


Depending on the model the space of the Verso varies, however almost all models of the car provide good space for seats and luggage. The outer seats of Verso can be fold down and create a flat subfloor plus the middle seat of the car can be removed easily.

Feautres / Specs of Toyota  Yaris Verso

The standard features offered by Yaris include infotainment system, amazing audio system along with the multi-functional display that shows the data from the onboard small screen on the navigation, provide outside temperature, time & date and average speed.


Moreover, it also equipped with climate control, USB port as well as front cabins in the dashboard. If you want to buy a Toyota Yaris, you have a wide choice. Your new little one, you can have as a coupe with three doors or as a sedan with five doors. If you want a little more spacious, then you should look for the Toyota Yaris Verso new version. Namely, it is the slightly larger mini-van on the basis of the city car.


The basic versions of the Yaris are mostly standard seven airbags, CD radio, power steering and electrically adjustable mirrors available. So you get much more value for your money, especially if would you buy a used car.


Yaris Verso is available at SBTJapan website within price range of 2000 USD to 4000 USD.

Toyota Yaris Verso Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of this car is about 23 MPG


According to the statistics Toyota Yaris Verso is extremely durable and classy car; it is alos reasonable especially if you buy in used car. The important parts such as landing gear as well as steering are robust and almost indestructible. Even the vulnerabilities such as exhaust system and exhaust system work well many years in verso. With these advantages this vehicle is the most reliable in its class.

Toyota Yaris Verso 2004 Stock Id: DHK3583 Toyota YARIS VERSO 2004 LHD
Toyota Yaris Verso 2004 Stock Id: DLM6456 Toyota YARIS VERSO 2004 LHD
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