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Toyota Rush For Sale In Burundi

  1. RUSH 2006 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 4,680

  2. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 3,970

  3. RUSH 2011 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 8,040

  4. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 3,900

  5. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 3,450

  6. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 4,050

  7. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 3,800

  8. RUSH 2011 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 4,540

  9. RUSH 2013 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 3,300

  10. RUSH 2011 Toyota RUSH

    Price: USD 2,950

The Republic of Burundi gained independence in 1962. However, administrative and cultural pressures constantly plague it. However, the economy has surged and has been stable in the last five years. This makes it a suitable market for new and used Japanese cars such as Toyota Rush.

Even though Burundi is a small country in the Great Rift Valley, East Africa, however, it is rapidly growing to be a tourist spot. Despite the political tension, there are loads of sites to visit and hundreds of things to do in Burundi.

With Burundi rising population and visitors, there has been a growing mandate in the automobile business. There is an important requirement to transport people and goods to different places. According to research, the natives in Burundi love using Japanese cars, and there has been a huge demand for Toyota Rush for sale in Burundi.



Toyota Rush

Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, has evolved into the best Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and sedan manufacturer in the global automotive industry. In addition, Toyota has the maximum number of Sports Utility Vehicles in multiple categories.

Toyota Rush was first manufactured in 1997 as the Daihatsu Terios. However, this mini SUV was then bought by Toyota.

Toyota Rush is considered to be the vehicle that can provide drivers with all driving styles that they need and deserve and need. Even if compared to other vehicles, the Rush can exclusively match up to its competition in the automotive industry.

Toyota Rush, designed with unique submersion height, is Toyota most preferred Sports Utility Vehicle. It is the best-selling Toyota car globally. Similar in shape to the Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Rush is defined by versatility and exemplifies true beauty, style, and luxury.

The Toyota Rush is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with a three-row, seven-passenger design. Moreover, in certain countries, it is advertised with a comprehensive full measurement of 4,405 mm (millimeters) and the prolonged wheelbase stretching from 2,580 mm (millimeters) to 2,685 mm (millimeters).

Advertised as the replacement of the Toyota Cami, a subcompact five-door position, this car is named Rush for its capability to radiate energy and elevate spirit through its consistent performance and seating at ease.



Toyota Rush Specifications

The majority of people in Uganda believe that Toyota Rush is one of the most affordable cars for people, parallel to the other models in the industry. This vehicle has many ideal features that can please the demanding consumers.

Toyota Rush comes with its own class, with a reasonable price tag and miscellaneous correspondences. Instead of being an old-style Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), this vehicle is a subcompact, which positions it right in between some compact and subcompact vehicles. This makes Toyota Rush suitable and versatile.

In addition, Toyota Rush possesses an Automatic Braking System (ABS) to stop the wheels from barring when abrupt braking occurs. The car also comprises a modern technology, Hill-Start Assist, which stops the vehicle from rolling back or front after allowing when you are on a hill or a slope.

Furthermore, Toyota Rush for sale in Burundi has six child and road safety restraint seats. This protects travelers who can sustain wounds during a severe accident. These safety restraint seats come with six curtain and side airbags.


Specifications at a Glance:

1. Engine Type - 16-valve DOHC, chain drive with Dual VVT-i

2. Engine Model Code - 2NR-VE / 1.5-liter gasoline engine

3. Seating Capacity – Seven Seats

4. Transmission Type - 4-speed Automatic Transmission

5. Gross Vehicle Weight – 1870 kg

6. Fuel Tank Capacity – 45 Liters

7. Brake Control System - Automatic Braking System (ABS)

8. Power Windows

9. Audio System

10. Air Conditioning



Safety Features in Toyota Rush

Toyota has built advanced security and safety features in Rush. Safety is the top-most requirement of consumers in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) as they are included in heavy vehicles. Driving in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is dangerous and risky as compared to sedans. The safety features in Toyota Rush include:


1. 360-degree camera

2. Six Airbags

3. Blind-spot information system

4. Reverse Camera

5. Reverse cross-traffic alert

6. Rear sonar sensor

7. ISOFIX mount

8. Smart tag

9. Vehicle stability assist

10. Hill-start assist

11. Alarm with immobilizer

12. Traction control

13. Front departure warning

14. Anti-lock brakes

15. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

16. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)



Toyota Rush Price

The base Toyota Rush price for sale in Burundi starts from as low as USD 3,737 for the 2008 model. Considering the Rush models and variants, the prices can go up to USD 6,320 for used cars. Moreover, it comes in three models:

1. 5 G A/T

2. 5 E A/T

3. 5 E M/T



Pros of Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush, the Multi-Purpose Vehicles attractions include a body shell on bold folds, sides, crossbars with rooftop railings, a rearmost spoiler that pairs as a utility partition lid with the in-built knob when bent down, large curves with flaring edges that line comprehensive 18-inch wheels suitable for off-roading and toughing it out over the rough ground.

Besides, for any Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), it is important to have elevated ground clearance. The Japanese vehicle accomplishes this with a steady 220 mm (millimeters) ride height that lets you easily leap over the place on rough ground.


Pros at a Glance:

1. Build-in handle

2. Flexible seating option

3. Modern design

4. Great performance

5. High-level ground clearance

6. Powerful engine



Cons of Toyota Rush

To begin with, Toyota Rush is equipped with a 1.5 liters 16-valve DOHC four-cylinder twin VVT-i that produces a concentrated output of 6,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) with a 4,200 pm highest torque.

Secondly, the seven-seat Sports Utility Vehicle has sufficient space for five passengers, the third row perhaps is a little stuffed, but that is to be anticipated as it was designed for lesser frames.

Lastly, this specification may annoy music lovers. The vehicle has a huge 6.9 inches display as standard on all other Toyota cars. The entertainment system provides several connectivity choices, such as

1. Bluetooth

2. AUX

3. USB

Still, unluckily, it does not possess technologies like the iOS CarPlay & Android Auto, which are swiftly fetching a common place in modern vehicles.


Cons at a Glance:

1. Small interior

2. Apple Carplay is unavailable

3. Android Auto is not available

4. High fuel consumption

5. Two-wheel drive



Import your Japanese Used Car

Are you ready to purchase a used Japanese vehicle such as Toyota Rush that online exporters want to sell? Well, you must ensure that you buy with a trustworthy and responsive supplier like SBT Japan.

When you buy the used Japanese vehicles from SBT Japan, you can contact our welcoming sales for all queries and questions. Moreover, we will help you through the purchasing process, from selecting the vehicle you need to obtaining the official papers required for picking up your vehicle from SBT Japan.




The detailed analysis in this article can provide you with a thorough review and can provide you with a better idea about the Toyota Rush. Once known as the Daihatsu Terios, the Toyota Rush for sale in Burundi is a fantastic car for needs of your family as it offers great specifications and a reasonable price.

Moreover, with the economy of Burundi rising, Toyota Rush is in huge demand and can be a suitable vehicle to transport people and goods to different places.

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