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Buy Used Toyota Harrier Available For Sale In Kenya With Price

  1. HARRIER 2009 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 6,601

  2. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 19,135

  3. HARRIER 2006 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 5,097

  4. HARRIER 2015 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 20,048

  5. HARRIER 2019 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 28,524

  6. HARRIER 2017 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 25,932

  7. HARRIER 2017 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 27,194

  8. HARRIER 2017 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 23,504

  9. HARRIER 2007 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 6,097

  10. HARRIER 2015 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 25,796

Features and Specs of Toyota Harrier Influencing Buyers to Make Purchase

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is in the middle of fragmented and fast-growing mid-size SUV crossover class. It was launched by Toyota back in the 1990s to compete with first-generation Lexus RX. It was marketed with the tagline of "wild but formal." Being truthful to this peculiar catchphrase it proved to be a strong and silent type of vehicle.


Glamorous Styling      

The immediate success of Toyota Harrier is based on its manufacturing platform shared with Toyota Rav4. Sharing some features with well built and well-equipped car with a good fit and finish as compared to its predecessors is most attractive among all. The sporty design and wedge-shaped external looks suggest it is bold as well as futuristic. The overall design and exterior of the vehicle communicate a well built and an aggressive design language.


Space and Practicality

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is known as a luxury automobile which posses an interior space made up of leather upholstery. The adjustable power seats, power windows, locks, and sunroof all make it a comfortable to ride for the passengers on board. The long list of safety and features adding convenience include multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle skid control, multi-information display, GPS navigation, rearview camera and rear seat entertainment system. Urban designed cruise control and the overall compactness of the vehicle make it agile, easily maneuverable and highly responsive vehicle.


Power and Performance

Toyota Harrier is powered by the high capacity engine which is 2.4-liter four-cylinder and cylinder options. Front wheel drive, five or six sped automatic transmission option make it different from the other SUVs available in this class. The Toyota Harrier hybrid powered with V6 engine option and CVT transmission option. The driver-train is the front wheel and all-wheel drive configurations. Spot on acceleration, adequate fuel consumption, and quiet built-in sound system make it safe and sound option available to consumers.


Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance Cost

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is classy and well known for delivering years of reliability to the end users. This is something particularly not only true in case of new Toyota Harriers, but the used Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is also known for reliability and durability. Proper maintenance and a little car can make it last longer than any other vehicle available on the earth.



Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is a turbocharged compact SUV. It is a compelling alternative available in the segment of small SUVs with useful refinements, major upgrades, and sporty interior space. The rugged and robust exterior versatility of interior options available inside the car and well-shaped, practical and dependable boot space make it best to buy option for users with family commuting needs. Toyota harrier price in Kenya suggests investing in this vehicle is a good value for money. High-end technology features, active and passive safety system and smooth riding experience with a potent engine option make it best to buy option among users.

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