Toyota Allion A15 Available For Sale At Reasonable Price

  1. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,030

  2. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,440

  3. ALLION 2018 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 10,390

  4. ALLION 2013 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 6,580

  5. ALLION 2012 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 6,180

  6. ALLION 2019 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 10,170

  7. ALLION 2014 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 6,620

  8. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,250

  9. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 13,190

  10. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 9,770

Allion A15- The Drive for Young Enthusiasts

Toyota Allion A15 for sale is the entry level model, which was first introduced in the year 2001. It is the typical compact sedan with sportier looks and no-frills. This is a luxurious and technically sound car, which is offered with great body styling and luxury-oriented features. It poses quite decent look from exterior, attracting many consumers across the globe. Interior of the car delivers excellent cabin. The vehicle is quite handy in driving as it provides pretty sharp maneuverability around the corners. The controls are responsive enough, which makes the drivability easier. It is available in front-engine and front-wheel drive mode. This base-level model comes equipped with 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE engine that is paired up with CVT automatic transmission. Contemporary, it is living in the second generation, provided with top level specs and high-tech equipments which offer a boasted performance. This car is arguably reliable and economical car in the lineup, plus it commands a strong resale value in the used car market, providing a good value for money.  



Toyota Allion A15 for sale is a well built and well equipped sedan that evokes a real sense of driving. It has a good-looking exterior and extremely comfortable interior cabin. This vehicle offers the powerful combination of luxuries and practicality, resulting in comfy driving experience. It is built with strong chassis and specific dimensions that convey its strong appearance on the roads. This four-door sedan is 4565mm long, 1695mm wide and 1475mm tall, plus it has the wheelbase dimension of 2700mm and overall curb weight of 1170kg. The exterior of the car has got an aesthetic design, featuring lower grille, headlights and bumper which form a T-shape design, giving a sportier looks. Combining three-dimensional taillights with trunk adds extra solidity in the body shape. Interior is the strongest point of this vehicle, offering a luxurious, comfortable and top-notch quality cabin. It is equipped with high level of amenities and luxury-oriented features that tend to provide an excellent and comfy ride. Inside, there is the seating capacity for five adult size passengers, offered with ample space so that all can comfortably sit even with their legs crossed. It also provides a generous amount of boot space, in order to carry medium-size luggage. Moreover, it is also offered with extra storage space such as center box, storage shelf and glovebox for keeping small size items.


Reliable Features

Toyota Allion A15 for sale comes with two-wheel drive power train, which is driven by efficient engine. It is fitted with 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE petrol engine, having engine displacement of 1500cc. The power unit is mated to automatic continuous variable transmission which develops peak power of 110 horsepower and torque of 140Nm. This entry-level model also offers an average fuel consumption of 18.6 km/L. It also delivers the punchiest acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 10.5 seconds.  In addition, this sedan provides a stable and better quality ride as it is given with improved and fine-tuned suspension. For delivering an enhanced performance, it is offered with plenty of safety kits and advanced features which include antilock braking system, SRS airbags, seatbelts, alloy wheels, fog light, keyless entry and navigation. Overall, this vehicle offers top notch reliability, comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy.



In used car market, the price of Toyota Allion A15 for sale starts from 200,000JPY, though the price value increases, depending upon model and condition of the car. So don’t miss this opportunity and begin your journey with Toyota Allion.


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