Nissan Serena 2014-An Ultramodern Automobile

  1. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 10,290

  2. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 7,890

  3. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 9,060

  4. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 7,000

  5. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 5,480

  6. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 8,020

  7. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 9,240

  8. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 7,310

  9. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 1,500

  10. SERENA 2014 Nissan SERENA

    Price: USD 6,980

Nissan Serena 2014 for sale is a successful five-door minivan of Nissan, reputed for its environmentally-friendly nature and fuel efficiency. It looks like a minibus with its large body, which can accommodate up to seven passengers. The spacious interior combines with quality material that ensures superb ergonomics and maximum comfort. It boasts favorable plush and excitement on the long trips thanks to its generous equipment level. Its overall styling and top class built give it charismatic looks that further enhance its appeal. Typically, this is a front wheel drive car which is powered by 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It runs smoothly on the urban roads, enabling maximum performance and top quality ride. It also offers low economy run despite its huge body figure. Moreover, it is built to the price vehicle that gives great value for money in the whole lineup.


Key Specs

Nissan Serena 2014 for sale is a flagship MPV that inherits exemplary detailing, which makes it worthy to be used as family vehicle. The exterior of the car has simple styling, wearing large grille, headlights and bonnet to give an extremely charming impression. Inside, it has aesthetically artistic layout, which is dominated by elegant black that ensures soothing ambience. The cabin is built with superb quality material that gives high prestige to every user. It is a proper seven-seater that offers 10 different configurations, adding more practicality and usability. The seats are supportive and comfy, accommodating seven adults in relative comfort. The dashboard seems fairly futuristic, provided with several feature panels and controls that enhance the excitement level on the trip. On the safety note, it is well laid out with key features like intelligent key, immobilizer, shock sensor, airbags, antilock braking and cruise control as standard. All in all, this MPV drives serenely with security and maximum comfort.



Nissan Serena 2014 for sale comes equipped with 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that drives the front-wheel setup. It is capable to produce maximum power of 147hp at 5600rpm and peak torque of 206Nm at 4400rpm. The output power is transmitted through Continuously Variable Transmission that enables it to accelerate quickly. It delivers frugal fuel economy and solid running in every condition. As far as braking system is concerned, it is equipped with electronic brake-force distribution, brake assist and antilock brake that deliver positive braking in order to avoid any accident. Overall, it provides good results while driving on urban and inter-city roads.



The price of Nissan Serena 2014 for sale starts from 5000USD, although the cost varies as per model, mileage and condition of the car.


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