Nissan Cube For Sale In Kenya

  1. CUBE 2013 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 7,019

  2. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 7,450

  3. CUBE 2012 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 3,980

  4. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 2,718

  5. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 2,640

  6. CUBE 2012 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 6,570

  7. CUBE 2009 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 3,495

  8. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 7,720

  9. CUBE 2009 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 2,660

  10. CUBE 2006 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 4,300

Nissan Cube For Sale In Kenya Is A Well Controlled Car On Any Route

Nissan cube for sale in Kenya is a small minivan that looks like something out of a comic. In Japan it is among the favorite cars, where it has even reached the third version ( ). In fact, small and square cars like the Nissan Cube in the Land of the Rising Sun are very popular: apart from the line, they are spacious and not bulky and, above all, practical. These characteristics, however, have so far not convinced the Italians; just look at the limited success of the Daihatsu: edgy and unconventional as the Cube.


Pleasant & Relaxed

So lets see the details of this city car, which goes well with the image of the bulldog with funny features that arouse sympathy and tenderness. Externally it shows essential and square shapes, but an intelligent use of curves that make the impact pleasantly extravagant. The interior, believe it or not, was conceived by the designer when he was on vacation and recalls the shape of a Jacuzzi.


The aim is to recreate a spacious, comfortable and informal environment. Several circular details inside evoke in various ways the circles created by the drops falling on a body of water. The result is a large and bright interior, with flexible spaces thanks to the possibility of moving the rear sofa forward. The soft seats actually recall the seat of a sofa, giving the feeling of being on the sofa at home in relaxation.


Nissan Cube is simple and pleasant to drive, combining all the advantages of a city car and a minivan. The seat is raised; the steering wheel is easy to handle as well as the gear lever. Visibility is literally panoramic and the instrumentation is clearly visible.


Well Controlled

The interior of the Nissan Cube has a very unconventional appearance and is distinguished by the dashboard with a sinuous, wavy line. The dashboard appears to float in front of the driver; the asymmetrical instruments have a pleasant blue and white color. The numerous storage compartments further increase the practicality of the car. Outside the city, the Nissan Cube drives smoothly on any route, and is well controlled even in rough terrains.


The recovery was a bit disappointing, to overtake it is often necessary to downshift and push hard. In addition, the large rear-view mirrors and the poorly aerodynamic shape of the body create annoying noises. A curious detail: on the armrests of the doors there are colored elastic bands where you can insert road maps, handkerchiefs or other small objects.


The trunk of the Nissan Cube is also large: with the sofa moved all the way forward to the ceiling. Too bad that it is closed by an uncomfortable hatch hinged to the left: it is not very light and you need to have a lot of space behind the car to be able to open it.


Used Vehicles In Kenya

A used car buyer need to know, “Kenya pays keen attention to import and export procedures. Therefore, there is a dire need to be alert to those. If anybody wants to import Used Land Rover Range Rover for Sale in Kenya, he should know that there are two Kenyan respective authorities, are known as Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the Kenya Revenue Authority. Both official entities are for secured and legalized imports. As an Importer, one should know that there are some requirements to follow and submission of the specific doc to get clearance is one of the important parts.


The required docs to submit are, original national ID/passport, evidence of insurance cover, Clean Report of Findings (CRF), Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) for commercial vehicles, Vehicle s foreign logbook to confirm ownership, Port release order, KRA PIN Card, Original Bill of Landing, import declaration form, import duty receipt, Pre Inspection Certificate issued by JEVIC/QISJ (accredited by KEBS) (or whichever the native country declares), and the car registration documents from previous country, etc.” SO, above discussion need to be consider prior to pay Nissan cube price in Kenya.


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