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In 2014, Suzuki produced the Mazda Flair Crossover model. It is one of the leading Japanese automobile companies. Initially, the car was named Hustler. Yet, the company decided to call it Flair Crossover.

Since the beginning, Mazda has achieved a reputable position in the market. It designs and produces sporty vehicles that ensure top-class driving performance. The overall sales of Mazda vehicles around the world have increased.

The Mazda Flair Crossover is identified as the unique and outstanding blend of contemporary and classic design. In Asian countries, the Kei-cars have gained more attention and it keeps getting stronger. However, it was too small for the U.S market and never gained attention in the European market.

You can easily find Mazda Flair Crossover for sale from Japanese dealers. All you require to do is choose which year s model you mean to purchase. The crossover was introduced to offer consumers more options. It is identified as a lightweight crossover, which ensures superior performance along with fuel efficiency.

Mazda Flair Crossover has successfully offered its consumers quirky and appealing designs. The vehicles are classified as stylish and spacious. The colors are funky, which adds points to its overall looks. In addition, the car offers various long-lasting features. The fuel consumption is efficient, and the prices are also reasonable. You can enjoy this ride as much as you want.

Features of Mazda Flair Crossover

Mazda Flair Crossover has gained immense popularity amongst the Mazda cars. The company has updated and upgraded its features from time to time. Before you search for a Mazda Flair Crossover for sale, you must be aware of its features. It will support in taking the correct decision.

Exterior Features

  • The exterior of the Mazda Flair Crossover is very impressive.
  • The five-door vehicle is also termed cute by many car enthusiasts.
  • The attractive body design plays a vital role in attracting consumers from different segments.
  • It is available in a combination of different colors, which makes it unique and attractive.
  • It entails two-round lights.
  • The company s logo is visible on the exterior.

    Interior Features

  • It is a spacious vehicle.
  • The model is identified as contemporary and luxurious.
  • It is well-carpeted and offers a seating capacity for 4 people.
  • The seats are stretchy and can be pleated and crumpled downwards.
  • The front and rear seats consist of legroom and headroom for the passengers.
  • Overall, the internal features are designed stylishly.
  • It consists of a colorful dashboard panel, which makes it look fancy and appealing.
  • The multi-information display adds convenience.
  • The rear side compartment offers spacious cargo storage space.
  • The powered steering is titled.
  • The car has a keyless push start button and provides advanced keyless entry too.
  • The vanity mirror also consists of a ticket holder.

    Safety Features
  • The Mazda Flair Crossover was designed considering the security and safekeeping measures and principles.
  • The model includes dual-camera support for safety.
  • It provides a forward collision warning.
  • The collision damage mitigation system helps in avoiding accidents.
  • It also has a lane departure warning function and radar brake support.
  • The wandering alarm function is new and the car also has SRS airbags and a compatible child seat.
  • It includes a pedestrian injury mitigation body, hill descent regulator, emergency stop signal, and electronic brake-force distribution system.
  • It also has a 4WD grip control and a variable load limiter mechanism.

  • It has a 660 ccs engine with two options. One produces 52 PS and 63 Nm F torque. Another is identified as the turbocharged version.
  • The mileage has improved with every new model introduced in the market.

  • The length of the car is around 133.7 inches.
  • Its height is 66.1 inches.
  • The width is 58.1 inches.
  • The overall weight is between 810-880 kg.

    Mazda Flair Crossover Review

    Mazda Flair Crossover review has helped in identifying that the lightweight crossover has gained a lot of attention in these years. If you are trying to find out Mazda Flair Crossover for sale, you must know that it is available in hybrid form.

Mazda Flair Cross review shows that the users are happy with its specifications and performance. You can easily find Mazda Flair Crossover for sale. You can decide if you want two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Mazda is known for its uniqueness and durability. The crossover model also ensures the same.

The users have claimed that the interior of the Mazda Flair Crossover is comfortable and relaxing for the driver as well as passengers. The seats are designed and placed comfortably. Further, the Mazda Flair Crossover review confirms that the exterior is durable. It is produced, designed, and styled using high-quality material and features. Overall, it has an appealing outlook.

Mazda Flair Crossover is identified as one of the most luxurious convertibles. It is aesthetically pleasing and offers a range of colors and features for its users to choose from. The models in this category look slick and sold.


  1. What are the available colors for Mazda Flair Crossover?

    You can find a Mazda Flair Crossover in the following five colors:
  • Pearl white
  • Cool Khaki Metallic
  • Active Yellow and black roof
  • Bluish Black Pearl
  • Phoenix Red Pearl Black Roof
  1. Is Mazda Flair Crossover a safe vehicle?

    Yes, it has been designed according to safety standards. The auto systems and safety specifications are highly appealing. The vehicle can be easily driven for long hours and long-distance.

With every new model, the safety variables have been given more importance. Mazda has added safety features in the automobile in view of the varying needs of its clients. The snowballing competition in the market has further influenced the manufacturer to act responsibly.

  1. Is the Mazda Flair Crossover model reliable and durable?

Yes, if you check the Mazda Flair Crossover review, you ll see that people have vouched for its durability. These models are designed using high-quality material and include all the necessary safety elements.

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