Fiat 500 1.2 - Woes To Offer Best Amenities

  1. 500 2021 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 14,760

  2. 500 2021 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 11,670

  3. 500 2021 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 12,650

  4. 500 2017 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 8,610

  5. 500 2010 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 3,030

  6. 500 2021 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 11,090

  7. 500 2016 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 4,790

  8. 500 2013 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 4,240

  9. 500 2014 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 4,230

  10. 500 2018 Fiat 500

    Prix: USD 8,860

Fiat 500 1.2 For Sale

Fiat 500 1.2 for sale is a choosy car for fashion-minded buyers, remained as the top choice in the city car class. Its retro styling, equipment level and wide range of customization options make it ever popular car among enthusiasts. It is surely an up-to-date car when it comes to detailing, while the interior is truly charming. This model mixes technology with level of reliability, making it an opulent car of all times. However, it sits at the expensive end of city-car market, but it outclasses entry-level models like Hyundai i10, VW Up and Peugeot 108. It comes standard as a three-door hatchback which is a decent choice for young family. There is wide upmarket appeal of this car thanks to next level practicality, affordability and dependability. It retains a very unique character on the roads that only few other cars can come in line. It is surely a nippier performer, executing good road manners and stability. It is powered by 1.2L entry-level four-cylinder engine that returns a fine real world economy figure of 46.3mpg. Overall, it is a tempting hatchback and a viable alternative to some of the mainstream competitors.



Fiat 500 1.2 for sale has firmly established itself as its own niche in the used car market. This hatchback was first launched in 2007, and till date it is still soldering on unchanged apart from some minor facelift. It is somehow diminutive than other retro-inspired model, but it manages to take lead on all other models. The current form is much greater than the original, but it is clearly a Fiat 500 with its charming awe-inspiring lines, upright position and charming circular headlamps. At the front, the revived 500 gets an additional chrome strip, unused bigger circular daytime-running lights and on top-spec Relax models a showy studded lower grille. The interior design feature robust quality material, shading coordinated to the outside paintwork to give a genuine exemplary vehicle feel. The upstanding seating position and tall rooftop implies four grown-ups can fit inside comfortably. Some of the interior plastics are soft to touch and pleasing to eyes. There are excellent fit and finish down the dash. Legroom is sufficient, despite the fact that the thin pedal box is a touch of an issue for huge feet. The high-set seat offers an extraordinary view out. The combination of buttons, dials and the touch interface means the system is easy enough to use and the sat-nav itself is clear. There are two trim level which include Pop and Lounge that tend to add unique styling, colors and wheels, along with different equipment and upholstery. Moreover, it serves up a complete package of standard driving, making most of it on the longer road trips.



Fiat 500 1.2 for sale is engineered to be a stylish city car that loves to wanderlust and excel around the city firmly. It drives serenely with its compact dimension. It is easier to go with thanks to large front windows and clear all-round visibility. It maneuvers sharply along the street and tight spots, nipping through the gaps elegantly. The suspension is adaptive that soaks up the bounces and ensures firm ride experience around the town. There is plenty of gripping on the corner that makes it safe, predictable and easy to handle. The steering is light and precise that offers good communication between road and the chassis. The handling is nimble and fun around the town. The ride is softer and there is lot of fun on the driving. Under the hood, it is propelled by 1.2L petrol engine that produces 68 horsepower and generous amount of torque. It can sprint from 0-62mph in just 12.9 seconds, hitting the top speed of 99mph. The fuel economy is good and the performance level is on the par. Moreover, it is a good used car in the subcompact hatchback category.



In best-used condition, you can buy Fiat 500 1.2 for sale at starting price of 4000USD, although the cost may vary depending upon mileage, model and condition of the car.

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