Suzuki SX4 - One of The Best Suzuki Cars

 - SBT Japan

With the off-road vehicles Jimny and Vitara, the Japanese vehicle and engine manufacturer Suzuki had off-roaders from the 1970s onwards, both of which were regarded as classics of the brand and developed over the years in various building generations.

Small Van & Off-Road

In view of this program, it was not surprising that the Japanese developed a concept in which the characteristics of small vans and off-road vehicles should be combined visually and technically. It was implemented for the first time in the Suzuki Ignis, which was offered in an all-wheel-drive version between 2000 and 2008.

Suzuki SX4 Successor

The Suzuki SX4 successor introduced in 2006, the Japanese have consistently implemented their idea: With the 4x4 four-wheel models, they showed a more independent crossover version, whose design should already show the built off-road technology at first sight.

The Suzuki SX4Der SX4 S-Cross is a variable, economical and comfortable SUV, which is ideal for everyday life in the city.

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