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zambiaPURCHASE EXPERIENCE from Mr. Levy Mwale

September 13, 2017 - Zambia

Hello Sujeevan,

I just want to mention that am very happy with your way of conducting business I have seen that SBT is uncomparable to the other motor vehicle sellers where I have been buying my cars from. Am very happy with the you handled me as a customer in the following ways:
You were giving regular updates on the progress of my purchase

· You were responding to my requests/question promptly

· You established friendship with me which is very important in business

· You were flexible in the sense that when there was a small shortfall you willingly offered to write it off

· Your reply to my requests and queries was prompt via Whatspp

I must mention that your way of doing business is just excellent I have really enjoyed doing business with you, so any time I need a car SBT is my way to go I have also been telling others about how good you guys are at doing business. Am expecting the Car to be at the port of discharge tomorrow the 2nd August 2017. Thank you so much Sujeevan for the good business.

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