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SBT customer testimonials

Mr George, Malawi, Agent : Syed Shahroz Abbas
I got my vehicle in a perfect condition as i was [...]
Mr. Charles Mwale
If you want a car and you want to have peace of mind, [...]
Mr. Jeremiah Peter Kafakoma, Malawi, ...
Thanks Marina and SBT for offering me this good car at [...]
Mr. Wallace Lali, Malawi, Agent : ...
Dear here you are. My wife with the Demio Thanks to [...]
Mr. Austin Bondo, Malawi, Agent : ...
That’s me and the Car! Thanks SBT team. The car [...]
SBT Japan is a very good car dealing company with good [...]
car reach safely in Uganda  and i am grateful to sbt [...]
Very amazing that I ordered   my car Toyota  alphald [...]
I would like to thank SBT Japan for their great [...]
I am a Director of W#### Auto Co. located in Kampala [...]
SBT is a great company for the Japanese used car, i [...]
It’s a great working with SBT JAPAN and the way [...]
For Quality and Durable Vehicles, SBT and Wakanda [...]
My trust has always been SBT, they provide quality cars [...]
To be honest the team from SBT Japan are very [...]
Sbt japan they are very flexible and have very nice [...]
Am Dube Moses I appreciate the quick and fast response [...]
Mr. Bethel Kamtema, Malawi, Agent : ...
” This is Bethel Kamtema from Malawi,i am so [...]
Mr. ROBERT LIMANI, Malawi, Agent : ...
This is more than a Machine! Some people are calling it [...]
Levi Ahmed Bona
Name: Girima T. Company Name: National Ministry… [...]
Mr. Chiukepo Mwakhwawa, Malawi, Agent : ...
“Thanks to SBT. “No company is better than [...]
Happy Client
“I Have received my car, it’s beautiful and [...]
Mr. Uique Chuma, Mozambique
Thank you for your deal
Mr. Blessing Foster, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Dear Noureen Madam , I have collected that Toyota [...]
Mr. S.M. Zahangir
I would like to say how happy I am receiving the car in [...]
Mr. Shaul Gazali
We are Automax happy to deal with SBT. We have been [...]
Mr. Hussain Zacky
I have been dealing with SBT for the past one year and [...]
Ms. Nthabeleng Morolong
TDK motors is supported and supercharged by SBT. We [...]
Mr. Sebuse Moteetee
Thanks SBT for your good cooperation. I have bought so [...]