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kenyaMr, Reuben Mainah, kenya

February 11, 2016 - Kenya

JUDAH LOGISTICS have been buying cars from SBT Japan and UK, for the last five years. SBT is a very professional, honest and efficient car exporting company.

Throughout this period, they have always supplied us with very clean and pristine cars. They have been able to address all queries professionally and conclusively.

One of the most outstanding factor about SBT, is on money transactions. You are assured that your money is safe and We have never had any issue whatsoever on money issues.

We look forward to increasing our order volumes and having a successful lucrative 2016 and many more years to come with SBT.

Our sale manager Mr.Muhammad Hassan Bin Farrukh have also been outstanding in all our transactions with SBT, we JUDAH LOGISTICS take this opportunity to that him, for all the help that he has accorded us.



Kind Regards,


Reuben Mainah


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