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malawiMr. Mavuto Kamwana, Agent Noureen Khan, Malawi

August 16, 2016 - Malawi

Hi Noureen and how are you?

This is how my TOYOTA RACTIS looks like. It’s a good car, and when you’re driving it, it just makes you want to ride it non stop since it feels so nice. Thanks a lot for the efforts that you’ve made during the purchasing process of the car, I thank you for it.
Here is your car, this is how it looks like, it is now close to 1 year since I bought it but its like I bought it yesterday. I personally would like to thank you in particular on behalf of SBT crew. May the good Lord be with you always.

I thank you

Mr. Mavuto Kamwana, Agent Noureen Khan, Malawi


IMG_20160725_154630 IMG_20160814_074842 IMG_20160814_172741 (1)

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