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malawiMr. Henry Chikakuda, Malawi

March 25, 2016 - Malawi

I have started using SBT Japan on the 8th August 2012, where I bought my first car (Suzuki Aerio silver in Colour). At that time, my bank was very hesitant to proceed to the money transfer because lots of car dealers in Japan are reported as fake companies. However, after strongly advising my bank to start the process, I have been very satisfied receiving a second hand car looking like brand new. After that, the bank manager continued asking me questions about SBT Japan, to which I replied that I shall always choose this company over other dealers in Japan, stating that they offer complete service, let you choose the car you want to buy, and fix every thing to make it look like brand new. Ever since that day, I have helped over 188 Malawians to buy from SBT Japan, from up north to the southern parts, eastern and central region of Malawi. Most of the vehicles you see are actually from SBT Japan.

My kindest greetings to you all at SBT Japan, especially you Mr. Ahmed Ali (personal account manager), you have my gratitude.

Mr. Henry Chikakuda, Malawi

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