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malawiMr. Fiskan Chima, Malawi

April 6, 2016 - Malawi
Hello SBT,
Attached are pictures of Mr. Davie Lamya, as to appreciate the wonderful services SBT has provided us with ever since we started our business.
Wow, I must say thank you, especially to Mr. Syed Burhan for his patience and understanding, for every time we asked something from him he always provided us with good vehicles! Please keep it up Mr. Syed Burhan! Mr. Kondwan Davie Lamya is in black attire
Congratulations to SBT, and Mr. Syed Burhan keep it up!
Mr. Fiskan Chima, Malawi
20160404_084323 IMG-20160401-WA000

One thought on “Mr. Fiskan Chima, Malawi

Fiskan Chima

Sbt younare the best when it comes to quality and your service.pleSe keep it up


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