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zimbabweSaru Mapfira, Zimbabwe

April 30, 2013 - Zimbabwe


At first l was not very sure that l would buy this vehicle that you
have just seen. The reason is because l was not sure weather it was possible to buy and receive the vehicle in the time frame

Mr Khan & Mr Qasmi have first class customer service because once you enquire about a vehicle from them you are already a customer.

They would call me almost everyday checking on my position for purchasing the vehicle, at times truely speaking if they did not call me l would get worried that why is it that they did not call me.

Never the less with SBT you will never go wrong because if you give them the budget of the vehicle, it will be their task to help you select from a number of vehicles they will set for you and these vehicles will be almost new and top of the range.

You will be assisted all the way from point of purchase until the vehicle is in your hands. All the guidedance that you are given by SBT is very good and they want to know every step that you will take and how you travel after collecting the vehicle.

These guys from SBT don’t just end there. After your arrival with the vehicle they want to know the performance of the car and how you are enjoying the drive.

As for me l would say buy your vehicle also from SBT because you will never go wrong.

They did a wonderful job for me.

Saru Mapfira