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Sbt JapanZambia

Mr, Brian Kangwa -ZAMBIA-
Thanks to SBT & it’s Team, for the great services. [...]
Am so proud of my Hiace Van I bought from SBT and HAQ [...]
bishop bbelemu87 -Zambia-
I’m very grateful and pleased with the Sumair for [...]
Mr.Michael Mulubwa -Zambia-
Hey friends, let me confirm to you that I am enjoying [...]
Mr Simeon Mwanza ZAMBIA
Thanks to SBT and my seller Faisal Moiz am [...]
Mr Brian. t.Nonde ZAMBIA
Thanks to all Sbt staff’s and management [...]
Mr Victor Bowa ZAMBIA
I want to say thank to SBT JAPAN, I recevied a vehicle [...]
Mr Clement Phiri
I bough seven cars from my sales agent Ifrat. As usual, [...]
Thanks SBT, just received my car in very good [...]
Mr.Rodgers bwalya
“Am very Happy for receiving my car in a very [...]
Car I bought from SBT JAPAN is Beautiful and Very [...]
Mr. Charles Mwale
If you want a car and you want to have peace of mind, [...]
Happy Client
“I Have received my car, it’s beautiful and [...]
Wiseman Ackim phiri
        My names are Wiseman Ackim [...]
Chilunga Kaumba – Zambia
Thankx to SBT for the condition of two cars , I salute [...]
Com: Waaaaoooo….Thanks SBT for this PROPERTY, i [...]
Bywell Simposya- Kasama Zambia
Hallo Mohana, we received the car. It is beautiful and [...]
Ian Hamonda – Zambia
Good day, Thank you Mr.Imaad for your service you [...]
Mr Charles Mutale From Zambia
My  name is Charles Mutale mobile garage I thank Sbt [...]
Staliko Moses Moyo Lusaka, Zambia
I bought the vehicle from you because of your honesty. [...]
Israel Mbao
  As usual, sbt and its staff delivers on its [...]
Geoffrey Simpemba, Zambia
I am Geoffrey Simpemba from Zambia, I thank SBT company [...]
Reagan Kawina from Zambia
I Reagan Kawina, I am very glad, I purchased car with [...]
Monde Muyoba
“Loving my new car.. its so unbelievably neat and [...]
Reason why I am choosing SBT from Mr. ...
One thousand reasons why you have to buy the car at SBT [...]
  Thank you SBT team l received my car in [...]
Geoffrey Simpemba, Lusaka Zambia
Mr. Joseph Mwitwa Muyembe
Hello,SBT is well establish  company and  they provided [...]
Mimi Haver
Hello SBT Zambia. I would like to thank Team Agnes [...]