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June 6, 2017 - Kenya


This is to anyone looking still undecided on where they can get a new car from .

This year i started the process of getting a car. I visited all the car yards on Ngong Road + Langata road but still couldn’t get what i was looking for. Finally I came across SBT Japan Kenya on Facebook , made contact in July and started the process of importing a car. Initially you will meet and have an account manager who will be your contact person. You will then decide on the budget and car of choice. I then made a refundable deposit (1,500$) as advised by my SBT manager and activated my account which I used (and still do use ) to access the auctions daily and see what cars are on the site .

You can either get a car that SBT has in stock or you can get a car from the auction. From the auctions you will get EVERYTHING from your favorite colour to the best alloy rims on the market. We started the process the last week of July and 2weeks later in August we won with our bid from the auctions and I HAD A CAR.

The SBT manager Mr Nadeem Alibhai then called me and guided me through the final purchase process, through the inspection and I was even notified when the car got into the ship from Japan. The whole process was flawless , the ship arrived on time and I was able to pay duty and clear the car. The Estimates from SBT were exact to the shilling , the SBT manager does still call to find out how the car is doing . 5 stars for the service from SBT , would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

NB : I did not pay anything to SBT Japan Kenya , I don’t know how they pay their bills!!

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