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Monthly Archives: March 2017

SBT change my life, Thank you ! from Mr ...
I write to inform you that I​ collected my vehicle at [...]
Thank you SBT from Mr. Paul Banda
Dear sir/madam I would.take this opportunity to let you [...]
Mr. Silence Chirambo, Agent Syed ...
Dear SBT Japan, Thank you, I have received my vehicle [...]
Mr. Dave Njanje, Agent Hira Faiz, Malawi
Hello Hira, I would like to inform you that I have [...]
SBT is the best !!
Of all the companies I have dealt with, SBT is the best [...]
Mr. Jossam Namwera, Agent Muhammad ...
Dear SBT First and foresmost i would like to thank you [...]
Mr. Moses, Agent Zubair Uddin Qureshi, Malawi
Hello Zubair, Here are pictures of the car for you. The [...]
Mr. Hastings limbani Mtanga, Agent ...
I just want to thank you Junaid and SBT as well for the [...]
Mr. Muhammad, Agent Zubair Uddin ...
Salaam Zubair bhai, The car is fantastic! Other cars [...]
Mr. Zakaria Mtambo, Agent Muhammad ...
Thank you for such a beautiful vehicle, Mr. Zakaria [...]
Mr. Ibrahim, Agent Zubair Uddin ...
Hello Zubair Find the attached pictures of Noahs just [...]
Mr. Fuggie Mzinga, Agent Muhammad Adnan ...
I’ve received my vehicle in a very immaculate [...]
Mr. WINTER GEORGE (Micronesia)
It was a quite good experience importing a vehicle. SBT [...]
Mr. Hastings, Agent Zubair Uddin ...
Hello Zubair, Its me with my car. I have received it in [...]