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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ms. Alice Chalemba, Malawi
My name is Alice Chalemba from Malawi and I have [...]
Ms. Janet Salima, Malawi
My name is Janet Salima, a nurse from Malawi in Africa, [...]
Mr. Alabi Tembo, Malawi
I am satisfied doing business with your company, the [...]
Mr. Sili, Malawi
My name is Sili from Malawi and I buy cars from SBT​ [...]
Mr. John Holla Chibowa, Malawi
SBT provides good and nice cars, especially compared to [...]
Mr. Wongani Makhala, Malawi
My name is Wongani Makhala from Malawi and I have [...]
Mr. James Kandulu, Malawi
The car is running perfectly! Both the interior and the [...]
Mr. Dickson Mandowa, Malawi
If you are looking for Japanese second hand vehicles, I [...]
Mr. Mike Magawa, Malawi
Thanks a lot! The car is now with me in Malawi and I am [...]
Mr. Kondwani Mbengo, Malawi
Thank you for everything, I have some friends who also [...]
Mr. Peter Kamatenda, Malawi
The Toyota Axio is a very good car which has all the [...]
Mr. Harvey Ussi, Malawi
I would like to thank you and all of the management of [...]
Dr. Becky Nyokabi, Nairobi Kenya
Hello Guys, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Macharia [...]
Kenya Customer, Kenya
I am pasting this testimonial on behalf of my Family, [...]
Mr, Reuben Mainah, kenya
JUDAH LOGISTICS have been buying cars from SBT Japan [...]
Mr.Kamran Mohamed Noorani, Kenya
I am buying Japanese cars from SBT Japan since last few [...]
Mr. John Gichia Njoroge, kenya
I am John gichia njoroge.I thank sbt japan for making [...]
Mr. Shiashi, Kenya
Hello , I want to say BIG THANK YOU to madam Fatima and [...]
Mr. Arthur Githuku Nderitu, Nyeri Kenya
Dear Sirs, It is very common knowledge that for that [...]
Mr Julius Kaoma
It is overwhelming doing business with SBT JAPAN. [...]
Mr Fabian Chiya
SBT [...]
Mr Ordiness Nkumbula
Mr Leonard
I bought my first car at SBT Japan.At first, I thought [...]
Mr Milupi Libi
Mr Jasper Chalila
I could not believe receiving my car from SBT co. [...]
Sbt Management and your wonderful sales personnel.Thank [...]
Mr.Rodgers John
‘ Am happy because the car(TOYOTA PROGRESS) [...]
Ndalambi Group of Companies
  Hi, I have been importing from SBT Japan for a [...]
Mr. Vincent Mwansa
Mr Edgar Nyondo