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SBT customer testimonials

Mr Kayaya Thera, Malawi, Agent : Syed ...
Am doing good, i was in Dar picking up that Lafester, [...]
Mr.Tonderai Musiyazwiriyo Zimbabwe
We received positive feedback from ZIMBABWE customer.He [...]
Mr Julius Kaoma
It is overwhelming doing business with SBT JAPAN. [...]
Mr. Twaibu Seleman, Malawi, Agent : ...
“Thank you SBT guys for your service you have [...]
“Am a car dealer in Uganda who has worked with [...]
Ms Effea Gavhu
Its a very nice car. Our friends and relatives loved it [...]
Solomon Sakala, Zambia
I would like to let you know that I have received the [...]
Guilherme Fernando Maxanguana
Mr. Ladson Nsabwe, Agent Zubair Uddin ...
Hello Zubair I have successfully imported my car from [...]
Mr.Norbert Aluku Okodoi KENYA
SBT Japan was the best stress-free solution to [...]
Mr. Jamesthebulo Gondwe, Agent Muhammad ...
Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you are doing fine, I want to [...]
Mrs. Janeth Msonda, Malawi, Agent : Arslan
My name is Janeth Msonda from Malawi đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Œ, I would like [...]
Mr. Rodney, Agent Zubair Uddin Qureshi, ...
Hello Zubair, I just wanted to write one testimonial [...]
Chilunga Kaumba – Zambia
Thankx to SBT for the condition of two cars , I salute [...]
Mr Valentine Mitunda Malawi
Thanks so much Arlene. You did an amazing job. [...]
Mr. Hastings Kukada, Agent Marina ...
Madam, I write to express my sincere gratitude for your [...]
Dear Noureen , It is great dealing with SBTjapan and [...]
Mr Masurool Daud Abdallah Malawi
Dear Akmal, Thanks very much. I received the car in a [...]
Nandawula Madiinah
 Would like to thank you for your service and [...]
Francis Kei James.
I would stand up and thank the entire management of SBT [...]
Junior Joaquim Tovele, Mozambique
SBT provides best Japanese Used Cars. Truely a leading [...]
My trust has always been SBT, they provide quality cars [...]
Am very happy and satisfied with sbt japan, they given [...]
Mr. Fuggie Mzinga, Agent Muhammad Adnan ...
I’ve received my vehicle in a very immaculate [...]
Mr. Eugenio Banze, Mozambique, Agent : Wasif
I am very happy to inform you that I I have recieved [...]
Ms. Mwenitete
Hello Asfandyar,I’ve received the vehicle. [...]
Mr. Aubrey Kabisala, Agent Noureen ...
Dear Noureen, ​ I have the pleasure to inform you that [...]
Mr. Geoffrey Ntaila, Malawi, Agent : ...
Abbas, thanks for the car its in great condition as you [...]
I ordered a used vehicle and got what ...
    This is an amazing vehicle, I cannot [...]
Farai Mabhanga
I bought a Toyota corolla bubble from SBT through my [...]