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SBT customer testimonials

Mr. Evance John Lapani, Malawi
Hi, I would like to express my gratitude towards the [...]
Mr. Rodlink Hawonga, Agent Noureen ...
I Mr. Rodlink Hawonga, would like to thank Mr. Simon [...]
Mr. Harvey Ussi, Malawi, Agent : Junaid ...
My dear brother, I have received my hino ranger and [...]
Mr. Khwima Mkamanga, Agent Marina ...
Dear Marina, My name is Khwima from Malawi. I’m happy [...]
Mr. Bravson Jones Matchano, Malawi, ...
Thanks to Arlene who took much of her time to make my [...]
Mr.Charles Madukani, Malawi, Agent : ...
Dear Noureen, Noureen, thanks so much the Belta is now [...]
Mr George, Malawi, Agent : Syed Shahroz Abbas
I got my vehicle in a perfect condition as i was [...]
Video Testimonial – Managing ...
SBT Japan is truly a global car exporter, in a recent [...]
Dr. Becky Nyokabi, Nairobi Kenya
Hello Guys, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Macharia [...]
Mr. Arslan Suleman, Malawi, Agent : ...
Dear Mehnaz, we would like to take this opportunity to [...]
Tafadzwa Mashavav, Zimbabwe
I was impressed by the services of sbt. I wanted [...]
Mr. Elton Kamphata Phiri, Malawi, Agent ...
Hie,my name is ​​Elton kamphata Phiri from [...]
Reagan Kawina from Zambia
I Reagan Kawina, I am very glad, I purchased car with [...]
Mr. Twaibu Seleman, Malawi, Agent : ...
“Thank you SBT guys for your service you have [...]
Mr. Thomas Mphonde, Malawi
Let me commend you for the timely intervention and [...]
I feel youthful with this Honda I ...
“I love my Honda Stepwagon, Angelique assisted me and [...]
Mr. Tawanda Pesanayi from Gweru, Zimbabwe
I am most grateful to SBT Japan for never [...]
Mr. Masaninga
The reward you get from dealing with a professional car [...]
Mr. Fiskan Chima, Malawi
Hello SBT, Attached are pictures of Mr. Davie Lamya, as [...]
Thanks SBT, just received my car in very good [...]
    Thank you SBT team l received my car in [...]
Mr. Sibale
I have received my car is perfectly good & [...]
“I Moses from Uganda​. SBT has nice vehicles, and [...]
Mr. Songoro Abdul, Burundi
Mr. Songoro Abdul, Burundi SBT is duly launches drive [...]
Mr. DANIEL CHIDZALO, Malawi, Agent : ...
I bought this car from SBT Japan.. it is a very nice [...]
Mr. Vincent Chalaka, Agent Muhammad ...
I am delighted with SBT, for both shipping and delivery [...]
Gildo Ester Salvador Matsinhe, Mozambique
SBT Japan is a leading supplier of largest selection of [...]
Ms. Tinker
Dear SBT, I am a first time customer with SBT. Talha [...]
Mr.Kamran Mohamed Noorani, Kenya
I am buying Japanese cars from SBT Japan since last few [...]
Rosey Chiweshe
SBT you are wonderful, my car arrived and I am loving [...]