Toyota Voxy – The Next Generation Car

  1. VOXY 2023 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 25,830

  2. VOXY 2022 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 27,750

  3. VOXY 2009 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 1,310

  4. VOXY 2018 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 15,620

  5. VOXY 2021 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 20,890

  6. VOXY 2016 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 14,260

  7. VOXY 2019 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 18,160

  8. VOXY 2014 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 12,170

  9. VOXY 2007 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 1,220

  10. VOXY 2019 Toyota VOXY

    Bei: USD 17,710

Toyota Motors Corporation has a long established and well known name in the car industry. From smaller vehicles to luxurious cars, the corporation has launched and marketed some stunning products and solutions that have inspired living and lifestyles of people all across the globe. Toyota motors, today, occupies a very prominent and leading position in the market with its heart throbbing creations. Toyota voxy is one of the finest makes and considered to be the next generation car due to better and improved functionality, practicality, reliability and durability. Voxy is famous in many parts of the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


The first model was unveiled for the general public in 2001 and then went through modification and facelift to adjust to the changing market trends. The initial vehicle had two sliding doors, three seat rows and a twin version commonly known as the Toyota Noah. Other competitive features included the front positioned engine, valve matic, automatic transmission and base weight of about 1500 kilograms.

Exterior and Interior Dimensions of the Car!

The dimensions of the vehicle are smartly proportioned and correctly designed for better handling and movement of car on smooth and rough terrains. The interior and exterior body presents balanced look and angles. The dimensions include: exterior length, width and height of about 4560 mm, 1695 mm and 1850 mm respectively. The interior cabin on the other hand is meant to have an overall length of 2680 mm, width 1470 mm and height that measures 1340 mm approximately. The interior and exterior measurements are supported with the 2825 mm long wheelbase, 155 mm minimum ground clearance, 1480 kilograms of base weight, accommodation possibility for 8 adult individuals, five doors for convenient entry and exit from the car for the driver and the passengers, 5.5 turning radius and 60 liters of fuel tank capacity.

The Tough Chassis and High Performing Engine Specifications

The mechanical and technical composition of the superior Toyota voxy is the product of the feedback acquired through consumer reviews and competitor analysis. Toyota motors have tried to formulate the car that best suits the expectations of the end users and could be used for both the personal and professional purposes. The features fitted and mated together includes: 9.74 power density ratio, water coolant, four cylinders, unleaded regular gasoline, low emissions, 9.8 compression ratio, power steering, ventilated disk front braking system, drum rear braking system, strut front suspension and torsion beam rear suspension system. In Japan, voxy is available in x, zs and hybrid zs versions



Toyota voxy is very reasonably priced for better affordability as compared to other vehicles in the category. The low price results in no compromise upon the quality and provision of the interior and exterior equipment. The car carries optional car navigation system, side airbags, driver and passenger airbags, side impact bars, child seat, steering wheel tilt, power windows, wood panel, front and rear optional fog lamps, sunroof and moon roof, rear wipers, antilock brake system, traction control system, UV cutting glass and optional aluminum wheels. The features collectively results in an exciting and fun drive for the families travelling far and wide.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Voxy is almost 37 mpg.


Popular Models In Japanese Used Car Market

In Japanese used car market, buyers mostly prefer Toyota Voxy 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 models and some older models like 2007, 2006, 2005 & 2004 also have huge demand in used car market and are exported worldwide.


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