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Toyota Probox: A Comprehensive Review for the Jamaican Buyer

The Toyota Probox or the Probox Wagon is a 2 or 4-seater 5-door passenger car and light commercial van. The commercial van is widely available under the Probox Van name. The Japanese automobile manufacturer started the production of the car run in July 2002. It was introduced as a way to replace the original Corolla Sprinter van. The reliability of the car is evident by the fact that it has seen steady sales for the last 20+ years despite not having any massive changes since its introduction in 2002. 

The Toyota Probox falls under the category of small wagons. It sees primary utilization as a commercial vehicle for transportation and logistics involving goods. The multifunctional vehicle has a reputation for providing a stable and comfortable ride. Furthermore, the multifunctional nature of the car makes it quite an attractive prospect for small business owners.

The Toyota Probox is not the choice for those looking for a luxury car. But it has proven to be quite successful and in demand in developing and under-developed countries. The core reason for this demand is due to the dual utility provided by the car. It can easily be used as a means of transportation or a makeshift mini-truck with its considerable cargo capacity. Furthermore, the value for money the car offers in terms of practicality makes it a sort after vehicle by many people.

The car is available in both right-hand drive and left-hand drive. It is mostly available as the right-hand drive variant in Jamaica. But if you get a used model from South America, then it will be a left-hand drive. Be sure to check this little detail before proceeding with the evaluation and the finalization of the deal.

A breakdown of the various aspects of the Toyota Probox is given below:




The first aspect is performance. The Probox comes with 1300cc and 1500cc engine variants. The 1300cc one boasts only a two-wheel drivetrain. The 1500cc variant is the more widely available one and comes in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. For those looking for a Toyota Probox for sale in Jamaica, you are most likely to find the 1500cc variant. The Probox also has a Super ECT 4-speed automatic transmission variant along with the older and cheaper manual transmission as well.

The Toyota Probox has a powerful, fuel-efficient engine that offers excellent fuel economy without sacrificing performance. The vehicle controls are fairly straightforward, and learning to drive it is quite easy. The Probox is a great option for those who need to transport goods or equipment because it also features a roomy cargo space. This feature, coupled with its multifunctionality, makes it a solid investment for anyone with a small family or small business.




The Toyota Probox cars are built to last. Like all Toyota cars, they are manufactured from high-quality materials and feature a sturdy body. The cars are fully capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. And if the owner is diligent with quarterly maintenance, the Probox is a car that can continue to serve for years. This kind of reliability is not found in other cars of the same class. It is due to the complex nature of their systems and the general need for extra features.




Toyota prides itself on its safety record. The Probox is no different from any other car that carries the Toyota name. The car comes with anti-lock brakes, traction control, and airbags for the driver and front passenger. All of these are fairly standard features, with the newer models having additional features. The exact list of safety features varies between the year of production.



Additional Features

Beyond safety, the Probox has a number of staple features that add to the convenience of the driver. The Probox has power windows, a good AC, and a high-fidelity sound system. Toyota Probox interior is spacious and can easily seat upwards of 5 passengers comfortably. As stated earlier, the car is reasonably hassle-free to maintain. It is an important consideration for those looking for a  car not heavy on the pocket. Toyota Probox is an excellent choice for car buyers looking for a practical, reliable, and affordable car.



Pros And Cons Of Toyota Probox

There are several advantages that compel people to look for a Toyota Probox for sale in Jamaica. The car, like many Toyota cars manufactured after 2000, is equipped with VVTi, which greatly enhances the overall engine performance. The Probox has a total load-bearing capacity of around 400 kg.

Furthermore, the car is easy to maintain due to its overall simpler construction and the availability of spare parts. The widespread presence of Toyota service centers around the globe also ensures access to Toyota expertise.

The disadvantage or con is that the car is an older car and may not comply with modern regulations. Furthermore, the older models of Probox may have accumulated considerable wear and tear from prolonged usage.



The Variations Between Toyota Probox Models

As stated earlier, the Toyota Probox started its production run in 2002. For the most part, it has remained unchanged. However, the 2015 model bought several minor improvements compared to previous iterations. Besides upgrades to the existing features, the 2015 model incorporated a collision avoidance system into the standard safety package. It also featured minor changes in the front-row seating to make it more comfortable for longer drives.



Foreign Markets & The Toyota Probox

The Probox is available with left-hand drive conversion in South America, where it often sees usage as a taxi. The cars for sale in Jamaica are generally available in the JDM right-hand drive orientation. The car also saw sales in various European and Asian countries as well.



Summing It Up

To sum it all up, the Toyota Probox is an excellent vehicle that provides buyers in Jamaica with a diverse array of advantages. It is practical, easy to maintain, and easily usable for transport or cargo. Also, the Probox is a long-term, cost-effective choice because of its fuel efficiency, robust design, and ease of maintenance. If you are looking for a dependable and reasonably priced automobile, the Toyota Probox is highly suggested because of its amazing features and stellar reputation.

The options to acquire such a car are diverse, but the question is the reliability of the vendor. For used Japanese cars, SBT is a name that is synonymous with quality, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer service. They also carry one of the biggest inventories in terms of the various models of this workhorse, an everyday man car. The Toyota Probox has seen consistent sales and resales because of its reputation among its owners and users.

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