The Iconic Toyota Pickup Trucks

  1. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 21,280

  2. HILUX 2019 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 19,890

  3. HILUX 2019 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 21,770

  4. HILUX 2023 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 29,790

  5. HILUX 2021 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 32,821

  6. HILUX 2022 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 30,570

  7. HILUX 2018 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 20,670

  8. HILUX 2023 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 30,190

  9. HILUX 2022 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 24,480

  10. HILUX 2022 Toyota HILUX

    Bei: USD 24,890

The compact and powerful pickup trucks of Toyota Motors Corporation are known worldwide for their exclusivity, reliability, best quality and versatility. The company with its wide range category claims to match every business need and could accommodate large for memorable travelling experiences. The iconic pickup trucks are constructed for both personal and professional use by the valued customers and their families and they surely are perfect partners on road and off road.  Therefore many dealers globally sell new and used Toyota pickup trucks for sale in good condition and reasonable prices.

The Timeline For The Big Sellers

The Toyota Pickup Trucks timeline extends to ancient times. The first ever model was launched in 1960s with limited specifications and features. Ever since the launch of first ever model by the company, the engineers and experts aimed for better and improvised versions to be released in the market to meet ever increasing consumer demands and changing market trends. The 1963 land cruiser Toyota pickup truck was targeted towards US market and had the capacity to generate effectively 135 horsepower on road. The model was replaced four years later by Toyota stout that had comparatively stronger presence and resulted in sufficient sales and measurable returns for the company.

The Four Wheel Drive Award Winning Hilux

The hi-lux Pickup Trucks comprises of an entire series. Some countries still refer the series as hilux whereas other countries have renamed it to compact pickup trucks. The hilux series has been under constant transformation and facelift over generations to stay relevant in the face of ever increasing demand and competition. The models are quite up to date and stylized as per the changing tastes of the end users.


The chronology of the vehicle’s eight generations with its varying launches is: first generation was from 1968 to 1972 and model launched was N10, second generation 1972 to 1978 and model launched was n20, third generation 1978 to 1983 had n30 series, fourth generation 1983 to 1988 had n50, fifth generation 1988 to 1997 had n80, sixth generation had n140, seventh generation AN10 and eight generation ranges extensively from 2015 till present date. The models launched in eight generation are mostly the upgraded and face lifted versions of the earlier models already being circulated in the markets across the globe.

Toyota Tacoma and tundra – Built For Action!

Toyota Tacoma is constructed with its own personality and heritage that has an influencing impact on the lives of its valued customers. The manufacturing of the car has taken place primarily in United States and first ever model was marketed and released in 1995. The Tacoma mid size pickup truck is said to be the vehicle of enthusiast and designed particularly for the most adventurous journeys to date. Toyota Motors Corporation associates their initial success in the category to the audacious Toyota Tacoma that has completely enriched the lives of its target market through its classy and remarkable qualities. The success of Toyota was followed by the full size and incredibly powerful Toyota tundra. The unwavering capabilities of Toyota tundra pickup truck earned it the tile of truck of year!

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