2010 Toyota Allion - Specification, Exterior And Interior

  1. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 4,540

  2. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 3,940

  3. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 4,630

  4. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 5,970

  5. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 4,400

  6. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 6,130

  7. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 6,250

  8. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 3,690

  9. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 4,230

  10. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Bei: USD 2,930

In the second generation Allion has retained its status as a middle class sedan with a fairly spacious cabin and optimal external dimensions, guaranteeing easy operation in difficult conditions of the Japanese traffic. The updated model is equipped with engine capacity of 1.5 to 2 liters in combination with a variator. In contrast to the balanced nature of the exterior "brother» Premio, Allion body is made more expressive, sporty style.

toyota allionLines from the front of the letter "T" and the front overhang look shorter than it is - these are the new sedan proportions. The interior of this car has become much better, as well as the internal volume of salon Allion is longer by 80 mm wider and 55 mm. If we talk about the interior, it will become even more luxurious. It may be noted intricate shapes decorative panels that give the interior a certain extravagance and certainly originality. Compared to the previous generation of the rear seats became more comfortable Toyota Allion 2010 due to the new folding mechanism. Greatly expanded proposal for the picking and the list of standard equipment includes rear view monitor system access and remote engine start.

The car is equipped with top of the range option dashboard, xenon headlamps, fog lamps, electric and heated seats, mirrors, cruise control, steering wheel, which has improved tactile properties, and other high-end options. After 2010, the car has been changed - a slightly redesigned front end, improved the quality of materials in the cabin. Much attention is paid to the color scheme interior. Particularly impressive, he looks in leather design color "ivory". The base for Allion is a 1.5-liter engine produces 109 hp But it should be noted that the specific power of the 1.5-liter version of the new generation of somewhat inferior to the previous - still the vehicle slightly increased in size (has become higher and longer), and the added weight.

In 2010, the 1.8-liter model has an innovative system of variable valve timing Valvematic, contributes to a more efficient use of engine power. As a result it gave the moretoyota allion 2010 efficient fuel consumption of Toyota Allion, and minimal environmental impact. The most powerful engine in the range is the two-liter 3ZR-FAE. It has - 158 "forces." All engines come with a CVT and the 1.8-liter version, as before, offers not only the front, but all-wheel drive.

Suspension Allion 2010 will retain the same type of construction. Front - suspension struts on the springs, rear - semi-dependent suspension on torsion beam at the front-wheel independent double wishbone machines and all-wheel drive. Starting from a certain period, even the basic version Allion is now shod with tires in the dimension 185 / 65R15, not to mention the more low-profile 195 / 55R16 in the top versions, making character of the movement has become even tougher. In regard to the maneuverability, the changes did not happen - because the car kept the same size as the base, and turning radius remains the same. The security Allion 2010 has changed the expected evolutionary nature.


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