Nissan Gloria – The Engineerig Excellence

  1. GLORIA 2002 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 6,370

  2. GLORIA 1988 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 18,720

  3. GLORIA 1989 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 9,950

  4. GLORIA 1983 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 12,360

  5. GLORIA 1986 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 13,070

  6. GLORIA 1989 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 11,710

  7. GLORIA 1983 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 10,100

  8. GLORIA 1991 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 15,410

  9. GLORIA 2002 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 6,630

  10. GLORIA 1990 Nissan GLORIA

    Bei: USD 13,640

Nissan Gloria dates back to times of prince and legacy.  The name of the vehicle is inspiration from latin word glory. This luxury car was made in 1959 by prince motor


company. Initially they were sold under dealerships at large. Later, there was a merger between Nissan motors and prince motor company in 1966. After merger, both Japanese establishments decided to market the luxury car as Prince Gloria. Years after, Prince Gloria was renamed and became famous in market as Nissan Gloria. The luxury vehicle had undergone eleven generations, to come up with better modification meeting customers’ demands and expectations. The average fuel consumption is 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Exterior and Interior

Ever since its launch the body type for Nissan Gloria has been hardtop, wagon or sedan. Professional and learning Motorist finds the sedan and wagon best suited for their use. The exterior of the vehicle is exclusive and elegant. The engineers have worked hard to maintain its luxurious look. It has seating capacity for up to 5 persons comfortably and conveniently. Fuel tank capacity is sufficiently 80 liters. The exterior flowing body lines, chrome grille, originally concave shaped headlights, long hood line, vibrant body colors gives the car luxurious style and look. The exterior equipment accessorizes the entire vehicle beautifully. The exterior equipment includes front fog lamp, front spoiler, antilock brake system, UV cutting glass and roof spoiler that enhances the safety of the individuals riding it. The color spectrum ranges from dark blue, diamond silver to champagne silver. All colors are unique and lavishing to meet customer expectations and latest trends.


Similarly the interior of Nissan Gloria is sophisticatedly maintained even when vehicle was being modified through generations. The seats are leatheroid with durable material for prolonged usage for private and commercial activities. The leather steering wheel, gear lever, climate control and three types of airbags are additional

NIssan Gloria

accessories that makes driving Nissan Gloria a wonderful experience in itself. Other accessories for interior of Nissan Gloria includes wood panel, centralized door lock, steering wheel tilt, side impact bar, audio deck, cd player, car navigation system and power windows.

Price and reviews

The new Nissan Gloria costs economical. However a number of dealers are offering used Nissan Gloria at reasonable and affordable prices. The sufficiently effective and classic pattern of luxury Nissan Gloria helps to achieve all customer requirements and aims. Decent look and suspension system gives satisfactory results to its users. The customers find dynamics safe and secure while driving. Nissan Gloria tends to be lightsome motor car for younger target market with economical affordability. Many people compare Nissan Gloria to Toyota Cressida. However Nissan Gloria offers better practicality and features. Nissan Gloria is a great cruise for long and economical journeys. It’s a real luxury car with greater practicality and affordability. The leg room space is an attractive feature of the vehicle that provides comfort and less tiring experience. Undoubtedly end users find Nissan Gloria mechanically top notch and smooth vehicle and worth buying.

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