The Mazda Axela

  1. AXELA 2016 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 4,720

  2. AXELA 2011 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 1,810

  3. AXELA 2017 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 7,370

  4. AXELA 2011 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 3,180

  5. AXELA 2019 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 9,720

  6. AXELA 2017 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 5,540

  7. AXELA 2016 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 9,050

  8. AXELA 2017 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 7,560

  9. AXELA 2014 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 5,650

  10. AXELA 2015 Mazda AXELA

    Bei: USD 7,770

Overview of Mazda Axela

Axela - derived from the English word accelerate (acceleration) and excellent, that is the name of the car can be literally understood as excellent acceleration. Axela is based on a global platform Ford C1, which was developed jointly by Mazda, Volvo, Ford, and, accordingly, is found on vehicles such as the Ford Focus and Volvo S40. Mazda Axela is available with a body of 2 types: compact 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. For each of the 2 types of body provides 3 type-line petrol engines: a 1.5 liter, 2.0 liter and 2.3 liters and output of 114 hp, 150 hp and 171 hp respectively.


mazda axelaIn addition, there is a modification to the engine Mazda speed MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo, 260 hp which has a special exterior styling and sporty tuning and provides improved driving performance of the machine. All power units fitted to Mazda Axel has excellent torque and efficiency. On the outside, focuses on the "muscularity" on the front and rear wings in bright design of the front end can be easily noticed features of the RX-8 sports and larger Atenza.

Roomy Interior

Axela hatchback sedan in comparison with the same model looks more sports: short overhangs and long wheelbase, plus an unusual shape rear rack increases the similarity of the car with the universal. Salon model is spacious enough to make a stylish and tasteful. It is worth noting the convenience and ergonomic drivers seat, as well as high-quality interior materials. Active safety Mazda provide Aksel included as standard: electronic brake force distribution and ABS, rain sensor and automatically turns on when entering a tunnel lights.

Specificationsmazda axela

Disc brakes on front and rear axles (except vehicles with 1.5L engines). Rim Size varies depending on the model, from 15 inches on base models and 18 - in the wheels on the top-level models. Cargo capacity is 420 liters in the sedan. For transportation of bulky cargo enough to fold the rear seat backs, and eventually turns almost flat floor and cargo compartment volume of 635 liters instead of the previous 300 hp. Mazda Axel was well received by the automotive press. In 2006 she won the second place as the hottest car in Canada and the best sales in Israel at the end of the 2005-2007 year. As a result, to meet the high demand for cars worldwide, Mazda Motor Corporation has increased the production of this model up to 300 000 per year.

The Mazda Axela : The Next Series

The second generation rolled 2009-2013 from the tape. The look is much inspired by the predecessor series to, but the design was sporty optimized. Special features include the lower grille, side skirts conspicuous lights in rear compartment and rear as well as newly designed light edges. Likewise, new engines were used, such as the 2.0-liter MZR petrol engine with 150 hp. In 2013, the third generation came on the market. The built gasoline engines feature a start-stop system and regenerative braking in the top version. A variant of this engine used car is the 1.5-liter petrol engine with R4 100 hp.

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