Hyundai Tucson 1.6-Robust Like A Rock

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    Bei: US$ 16,120

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    Bei: US$ 18,723

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    Bei: US$ 22,387

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    Bei: US$ 17,743

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 for sale is a contemporary desirable SUV, produced by South Korean automaker Hyundai. It is extremely functional, convenient and safe vehicle on which you can easily do your daily travelling. This is undoubtedly a well-rounded SUV that offers strong predicted reliability ratings and impressive practicality. It offers the appealing blend of its solid quality and great value for money. This vehicle comes with a distinctive styling, spacious interior and array of safety and convenience features. It offers excellent driving package at sensible price, appealing mostly to budget-conscious consumers. It is mounted with 1.6-liter petrol or diesel engine which is much economical than competitors. All in all, this vehicle suits well on those who make up lot short trips particularly in urban conditions.


Key Characteristics

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 for sale is a ubiquitous model that brings a good level peace of mind for consumers. It is definitely a low-worry SUV, as it offers superb crash test score, predictable reliability and pleasant driving experience. This vehicle is neatly made with solid quality material, and its dimensions are typical for a 2-row SUV of this size. It has roomier, quiet and well equipped cabin which further adds to its appeal. The cabin is modest, and is clearly laid out with logical controls which are easy to use. The dose of lavishness is also fed inside, featuring leather upholstery, ventilated and power-adjustable front seats. It is also integrated with additional safety features which include lane departure warning, rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assist and automatic emergency braking as standard. Besides, it has capacious storage behind the rear seats, providing 31 cubic feet with all seats and 61.9 cubic feet overall. Overall, it is one of the best practical cars in this class.


Driving Impression

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 for sale is mounted with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. It is available with front-wheel as well as with all-wheel drive options, making it a solid driving car. The power plant delivers net power of 175 horsepower and torque of 195 lb-ft. In fact, power delivery is adequate which keeps the wheel running in a good manner across the town. It also returns an average mileage of 25mpg in both city and highway. It feels planted and poised on the roads thanks to its agile steering. The body movements are kept under control especially on the turns. It is given with improved suspension setup that soaks up the bounces to provide a comfortable driving experience. Moreover, it is an excellent driving car for young as well as professional drivers.



The price of Hyundai Tucson 1.6 for sale ranges from 18000USD to 46000USD, depending upon model, condition and mileage of the car.


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