Honda Fit 2012 - A Surprise For All Enthusiasts

  1. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 3,580

  2. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 1,286

  3. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 1,258

  4. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 8,523

  5. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 4,171

  6. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 1,163

  7. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 4,504

  8. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 4,895

  9. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 6,514

  10. FIT 2012 Honda FIT

    Bei: US$ 2,752

Honda Fit 2012 For Sale

Honda Fit 2012 is a fun-to-drive and well-rounded subcompact car that has played a key role to become a utility champ of this class. It has exclusive styling, spacious interior and fun-to-drive personality, making it a pleasant surprise for all enthusiasts. This five-door hatchback fulfills all the common expectations about the small cars. It is all praised for versatile cargo and large hauling ability. The passenger cabin receives points for stylish design, though the quality of the materials is just decent. Seating comfort is great all around, including a rear seat that can accommodate two adults in relative comfort. Visibility is great and drivability is exceptional to match the daily commute standards. The four-cylinder engine feels nippier around town, helps in cornering and merging on the tight spots. The five-speed manual transmission makes good use of the shift to deliver engine power to the wheels. All in all, it makes best use of all credentials in a sophisticated manner. 


Considerable Facts

Honda Fit 2012 for sale is constructed with basic materials, although its eye-catching design and accent lighting gives it a cheerful appearance. The cabin is nicely constructed, bearing all goodies and amenities. Inside, the seats offer generous headroom and legroom and are set lofty for good visibility. It has an outstanding amount of cargo space for a subcompact car, with 57.3 cubic feet of space. The rear Magic Seat can be folded multiple ways to allow for cargo of different sizes and shapes. It continues to be one of the favorites and will likely to surprise the buyers with its mix of practicality, frugality and fun. The controls and brakes are easy to use, whereas the techs are easy to understand. The base model comes standard with 15-inch steel wheels, keyless entry, air-conditioning, cloth upholstery, a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, cruise control, full power accessories, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and a four-speaker sound system with a CD player, auxiliary audio input jack and an iPod/USB interface. There is a flat load floor with 57.3 cubic feet of cargo room. The rear seats can be folded flat to give extra luggage. Moreover, it is a handy and versatile car for the family.



Honda Fit 2012 for sale is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, producing 117 horsepower and 106 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is standard and a five-speed automatic with steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles is available. It claims combined fuel economy of 29mpg, while 27mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highways. This model trades off better performance along with better fuel economy. The steering is handy enough to cater vehicles around the corner smoothly. It handles smoothly and remains agile throughout the way. It feels safe and enjoyable to drive on the long routes. It includes plenty of safety kits including stability and traction control, antilock brakes, airbags that cover both rows and active front head restraint as standard. Overall, it remains poised and well controlled on the long road trips.



Honda Fit 2012 is nicely tuned for better economy and affordable drive. It offers zippy quality ride that actually makes the errand-running kind of fun. All in all, the powertrain manages in a good form to be fairly frugal and active on the roads.

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