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SBT Zambia

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Shipping Schedule

LORD VISHNU11716-Jan-201915-Jan-201914-Jan-201912-Jan-201912-Feb-2019
MORNING COURIER13024-Dec-201823-Dec-201822-Dec-201828-Dec-201822-Jan-2019
PROMETHEUS LEADER4227-Dec-201827-Jan-2019
GLOVIS SKY01125-Dec-201826-Dec-201824-Dec-201825-Jan-2019
MORNING CLARA04126-Dec-201812-Feb-2019

Available clearing & forwarding services

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Port of Discharge:

Dar es Salaam

Price List

SIZE - CBM 0-9.99 10-11.99 12-13.99 14-14.99 15-15.99 16-16.99 17-17.99 18-25.99
Dar es Salaam $270 $280 $300 $320 $330 $350 $400 $490
Tunduma / Nakonde $510 $525 $550 $595 $675 $795 $900 $1,050
Lusaka $1,000 $1,020 $1,150 $1,200 $1,300 $1,420 $1,550 $1,750
Ndola $1,000 $1,050 $1,100 $1,180 $1,230 $1,380 $1,450 $1,700
Kitwe $1,000 $1,050 $1,100 $1,180 $1,230 $1,390 $1,520 $1,700
Livingstone $1,150 $1,180 $1,220 $1,300 $1,350 $1,500 $1,620 $1,800
Sesheke $1,330 $1,340 $1,390 $1,460 $1,520 $1,660 $1,800 $1,970
Mongu $1,320 $1,350 $1,400 $1,460 $1,525 $1,670 $1,800 $1,990
Chipata $1,120 $1,140 $1,220 $1,290 $1,370 $1,410 $1,610 $1,820
Solwezi $1,170 $1,270 $1,320 $1,390 $1,450 $1,590 $1,730 $1,900
Mansa $1,230 $1,240 $1,290 $1,360 $1,420 $1,560 $1,700 $1,870
Kasama $1,030 $1,040 $1,090 $1,160 $1,220 $1,360 $1,500 $1,670
Kabwe $1,000 $1,100 $1,150 $1,220 $1,280 $1,420 $1,560 $1,740
Chingola $1,160 $1,260 $1,310 $1,380 $1,440 $1,580 $1,720 $1,890
Luanshya $1,160 $1,260 $1,310 $1,380 $1,440 $1,580 $1,720 $1,890
Mufulira $1,160 $1,260 $1,310 $1,380 $1,440 $1,580 $1,720 $1,890
Monze $1,110 $1,230 $1,270 $1,330 $1,390 $1,530 $1,670 $1,850
Mazabuka $1,090 $1,210 $1,250 $1,310 $1,370 $1,510 $1,650 $1,830
Choma $1,130 $1,250 $1,290 $1,350 $1,410 $1,550 $1,690 $1,870
Kalomo $1,130 $1,250 $1,290 $1,350 $1,410 $1,550 $1,690 $1,870
Zimba $1,170 $1,180 $1,230 $1,300 $1,360 $1,500 $1,640 $1,810
Kafue $1,030 $1,150 $1,190 $1,250 $1,310 $1,450 $1,590 $1,770
Namwala $1,155 $1,275 $1,315 $1,375 $1,435 $1,575 $1,715 $1,895
Maamba $1,155 $1,275 $1,315 $1,375 $1,435 $1,575 $1,715 $1,895

Prices exclude duty, VAT, and local registration. This transport services are provided by APPLE FREIGHT.
SBT will not be liable for transport incurred loss.
Contact SBT sales for more information >


How do I buy a car from SBT?
1. Register an SBT website, 2. choose the car you like, 3. Click [Buy Now] - then our sales staff will contact you for futher assistane.
How to Buy >
Is there a fee for registration or membership fee?
No, resistration and membership fee.
Is there any Warranty service available?
No warranty service.
How can I know a car's condition?
Used cars are offered "as is" and there are some scratches or dents. SBT check mechanical condition before we ship the vehicle but we can not gurentee the conditon 100 percent because sometimes trouble happnes on the way from Japan.
To minimise those risk, SBT recommend you to take car inspection from thierd party(EAA or Javice) before ship and our Global Protection Proglam.
Where do I collect my car?
You can collect your car the port your selected(Dar-Es-Salaam or Durban). Delivery & Cealing service is available at up to your door step or at your city.
Available clearing & forwarding services >
I don't have a bank account. How can I send payment to SBT Japan?
You can make payemnt at your nearest Zampost branch with Zambian Kwacha.
How long does it take to ship a car from Japan to Dar Es Salaam?
SBT will ship your vehicle after your payemnt. It takes about five to seven weeks.
What FOB, C&F and CIF are?
FOB: Free On Board which is the price does not include shipping costs.
C&F: Cost and Freight, which is the price include shipping cost.
CIF: Cost, Shipping insurance and Freight, which is the price include shipping Insurance and cost.
What are SBT's payemnt terms? Pertial payment or credit contract available?
SBT deals on only C&F or CIF , pertial payemnt or credit contract is not accepatable.
Do car prices include duty & VAT? What charge do I need to pay for drive the vehicle?
No, our prices are exclusive of Duty & VAT(You need to pay at ZRA).
Clearing & Delivery service charge to the agent if you use.
Local vehicle registration charge.
Is delivery to Zambia available?
Yes, you need not collect your car at Dar-Es-Salaam.
Delivery service is available up to many Zambian cities. Please feel free to consult with our representatives.
Available clearing & forwarding services >
How much does it cost to clear and transport the car from Dar Es Salaam?
Cost varies with vechile size.
See the pricing. The pricing inlude all the costs except Duty & VAT.
What documents are need for custom clearing?
You need;
  • Export Certificate, both in Japanese & English,
  • Bill of Lading [Original 1st & 2nd],
  • Invoice from SBT.
    (SBT will send above documents to your requested address apporoximately 15 days after the shipping from Japan.)
  • Your ID copy.
What are the rules for Importing a vehicle to Zambia?
Any model and year, Right hand drive, Car inspection certificate for Zambia(EAA, Javice., etc)
How do I send payemnt to SBT?
You can send payment from your bank(ask your bank about Telegraphic Transfer).
We also accept payment at ZAMPOST branches.

Please visit your city ZamPost Branchs. >
Does SBT have an office in Zambia?
Yes, its located in Lusaka.
Get In Touch With Us >
Why do shipping schedule sometimes change?
SBT sometimes phostpone shipping to repair damage or mechanical fault whenever we found before shipping.
Holding times is highly depend on the case.
How much does it cost Duty & VAT?
Its depend on CIF price, Please check with ZRA.

Customer Testimonials

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Car I bought from SBT JAPAN is Beautiful and Very Comfortable. Thanks to SBT company, I am proud owner from Kabwe Zambia. The post YVONNE...
zambia flag

Mr. Charles Mwale

If you want a car and you want to have peace of mind, choose SBT,  I received my car just as I expected it. “Thank you SBT” ...
zambia flag

Happy Client

“I Have received my car, it’s beautiful and in very good condition. I love the quick response offered as well as the updates ...
zambia flag

Wiseman Ackim phiri

        My names are Wiseman Ackim phiri from Zambia. I want to thank Sbt Japan for selling me a nice car and timely...
zambia flag

Chilunga Kaumba – Zambia

Thankx to SBT for the condition of two cars , I salute you Dashan Jayasena for the good job you doing keep it up bro The post Chilunga K...

The SBT Team

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“Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard.”
Our auction inspectors
“Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars.”

SBT Zambia

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Apple freight Forwarders Ltd,

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