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Why Choose SBT?

Wide Range Of Cars
Wide Range Of Cars

We’ve vehicles of all the brands you desire.

Available Where You Are
Available Where You Are

We’ve exported 500,000 used cars in over 152 countries.

Supporting You Anytime
Supporting You Anytime

Our support team are always connected with customers 24/7.

Uncompromised Quality
Uncompromised Quality

We do a thorough inspection before shipping so only quality is delivered to you.

Keeping It Reliable
Keeping It Reliable

With over 25 years in the industry, we focus on reliability resulting in 80% repeat purchases.

Offering Best Prices
Offering Best Prices

You can find a wide range of vehicles that are kept in your range.

Extra Information About Importing

The shipping:

We ship from all major ports in Japan to all major ports in New Zealand. The journey takes between 2-3 weeks.
We have relationships with major shipping companies and can therefore offer discounted rates on shipping for our vehicles.
We will take care of all export procedures in Japan and arrange shipping for our customers. Our door to door service means that everything is taken care of for you from auction site to your home. (All checks, documentation, certificates & fees included).

Emission Standards:

Due to changes in emission standards, as of January 1st, 2012, vehicles imported into New Zealand must have a special 3-digit emissions code. Generally most cars from 2004 onwards have this code though vans and heavy trucks may not until 2007 or later. There is a special exception- vehicles that are over 20 years old fall under a category called ‘special interest’ vehicles and are exempt from emissions standard rules. For our Auckland customers , we recommend getting your compliance check done at Eagle Auto Services.

Entry Certification:

New or used vehicles must be Entry Certified. Learn more about entry certification for imported vehicles here.

Road Worthiness Check:

Before vehicles can be driven on NZ roads, they must undergo a compliance check. You can have this done at your local AA / VTNZ compliance center. Alternatively you can have it done at a privately owned center of your choice. Rates vary, but are roughly $400-$500.
Important: If your vehicle has chassis damage it will fail the compliance check and you will need to pay an enormous amount in repair costs.
Our sales staff are trained as vehicle inspectors and often check cars in person. If you are concerned about being charged repair costs please consult a member of our kiwi team. They will do their best to investigate the vehicle condition and notify you in order to mitigate your risk of being charged repair costs. For our Auckland getting your compliance check completed at Eagle Auto services.

Shipping Agent at Destination:

It is very important that you have a reputable shipping agent to assist you with the import procedures at the destination port. A good shipping agent can not only advise you on import regulations and expected import taxes, but they will be your representative on the ground liaising with the relevant authorities and clearing your car out of the port in the shortest time frame possible. As we regularly transport vehicles to Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and other African countries, we already have a reputable shipping agent in place. Our shipping agent, Logistical Support Services, can deliver the vehicle from the port to Windhoek without any hassle.

Right-Hand Drive:

All used or new vehicles must be Right Hand Drive. Exceptions can be made for special interest vehicles such as antique cars, special purpose vehicles, motorsport cars, machinery or hearses.

Vehicle Documentation:

There are certain documents necessary to prove ownership of a vehicle and register it.
These include: de-registration / export certificate, commercial invoice and bill of lading. SBT will send you these documents by DHL.

Quarantine Service Of (MAF): (MAF)

There are certain documents necessary to prove ownership of a vehicle and register it.
These include: de-registration / export certificate, commercial invoice and bill of lading. SBT will send you these documents by DHL.

Door to Door Service:

New Zealand

Port of Discharge: Auckland
Cities to Deliver via Auckland:

Te Awamutu
New Playmouth

Port of Discharge: Wellington
Cities to Deliver via Wellington:

Palmerston North
New Plymouth

Port of Discharge: Lyttelton
Cities to Deliver via Lyttelton:


Port of Discharge: Nelson
Cities to Deliver via Nelson:


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q9. I have more questions, what should I do?

The SBT Team

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Our SBT sales staff

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Inspection Yard
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Auction Inspection
Our auction inspectors

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