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Georgian Cargo Group
ADDRESS : Bagebi, Tskneti Highway 16/18 Tbilisi, Georgia 0162
OFFICE: 995 32 242 80 08
MOBILE: 995 551 540000
Car Financing
Coming Soon
Car Financing will be available through Georgian Banks

Custom Duties On Used Imported Vehicles

Duty Table
For further calculation please click Custom Duties Calculator
Custom Duty calculation
import duty : *** GEL

Customs service charge: *** GEL

Import Tax: *** GEL

Number, Specifications. Passport and maintenance. Post: *** GEL

Customs declaration: *** GEL


  • SBT have a huge inventory around 30,000 units, which prove SBT No. 1 exporter from Japan.
  • SBT have access more then 180 auction houses around Japan and we can buy cars for our customer from japan dealers , yahoo , end users.
  • SBT have a big capital and can buy up to 10 million jpy cost car from auction on customer demand.
  • SBT Hire experienced sales manager who speak Georgian, English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Burmi, Japanese etc.
  • SBT have presence of Global offices in Africa , CIS Countries , Russia , Europe , Latin America , Asia, Europe , Africa
  • SBT have contract with the most reputed business partner's FOR shipping , Transportation and documentation inside and outside of Japan.
  • SBT install the most sophisticated and modern software to keep all transaction's transparency and accountability to WIN 100% customer trust.
  • SBT have a long experience of exporting used cars from japan around the globe since 1993 ( 21 years experience ).
  • SBT is the only company which export used cars from Japan , UK , Germany , USA , Singapore , Korea.
  • The lowest shipping rate starting from $590
  • The lowest vanning rate - fixed $350
  • The lowest car auction rates - starting from $500 (equivalent of 58000 yen)
  • The first company in CIS region which provide the guaranty on exterior as well as transmission and engine (priced at $50 and mandatory for all the clients. Rules apply)
  • The only export company with auto service support.
  • The only company that cares about its customers in Japanese style.

Friendly Asked Questions

Where do I need to send payment?
All the payments must arrive at SBT Bank account in Japan only. You should send money only to SBT Co. Ltd. beneficiaries in Japan. Click here for payment details.
Where can I see the car?
All cars are located in SBT Japan yards in Japan Office. You may check complete details and proper pictures of any inventory on website.
Can I have any assistance in clearing cars from Poti /Batumi Port?
Yes we do provide assistance in custom clearing & Transportation at your location within Georgia. Please contact your account manager for further details.
How do I buy cars from SBT?
It's simple. Just register online and select your car from our web site.
How long does it take from vehicle reservation date to arrival in Georgia?
How do I buy cars from auction in Japan?
Once you sign the auction agreement, our staff will provide you with all necessary auction information.
What does your agent fee include?
Auction fee, transportation within Japan (maximum 20,000jpy), SBT yard check and photos, SBT yard rental, Document fee , ship booking fee & SBT commission.
What is the total cost of getting a car to my yard/home?
Simply put: FOB Poti / Batumi Port + Container freight + Custom (local transportation, if any).
I have more questions, what should I do?
Give us a call. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you have.


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Head Office(Japan)

KDX Yokohama-Nishiguchi Bldg. 7F,
2-10-36, Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0004, Japan

Tel: +81-45-290-9485
Fax: +81-45-290-9486

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