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You name it, We have it!
High Quality is our Pride!
Reliability is always there!
Affordable market price.
Access to all Auction Houses.
Payment deadline is more flexible.
Assist with earliest possible vehicles for Sale.
Throughout inspection done for vehicles before shipment.
Sales staff to assist 24/7/365 via live chat, phone, skype and emails.
Built up excellence with experience of more than 20 years in the used car industry.

Friendly Asked Questions

What do I have to do to buy a car?
Registration is required with SBT. After registration is completed, you can buy any car that you want.
Is there any membership fee?
No fees or hidden charges are required. So don't hesitate and sign up now.
Do you have any representative in Mauritius?
No, there is no official representative in Mauritius.
What is method of Payment?
Payment is done from Bank to Bank Telegraphic Transfer [T.T], but Credit cards/paypall payments not accepted.
What currencies do you accept?
SBT accept payment in U.S. Dollars & Japanese Yen. No other currencies are accepted.
How can I reserve car from SBT?
The customer give us confirmation by specifying stock number he wants to buy then we reserve the car in his account and issue proforma invoice.
How much payment do I have to make before shipment? how can I trust you?
Payment terms are usually 50% or 100% TT before shipment. For Trust, we can provide you reference of our regular customers or we make conference calls with the customers who has already bought car through SBT with the potential customer on the line as well.
From which Institute the Inspection is made?
Pre-shipment inspection from JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) / MAURI-AUTO and Radiation inspection from NKKK (Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai) for Mauritius only.
Can I see if my vehicle passed its inspection?
PDF of your vehicle’s inspection certificate will be sent you by email once it has been received from the inspection agency.
What is the auction service that SBT provides?
SBT Japan has buyers in almost all the auction houses in JAPAN. So there is a huge variety of cars that the customer can buy.
From where do SBT JAPAN buys the cars for their Stock?
SBT Japan buy the cars from all over Auction Houses in Japan & UK.
Is it better to buy from Stock or from Auction?
It all depends on customer choice if we have car available in stock according to customer specification then prefer to arrange from stock, only if car is not available according to specification of customer then we move out for the auction house option.
Can I place the bid for my desired car from auction?
Yes, once you remit auction deposit amount we provide you the Login ID and PASSWORD where customer can place bid within his estimated budget.
When the shipment is done?
Once the import permit is granted then we send the booking request for shipment and get booking confirmation, when car leaves the port, we send the copy of B/L (Bill of Lading) which proves that the ar has been shipped from Japan.
How Long does it take to receive the car at Port Louis?
It all depends if customer do all the payments timely. However, the car will be shipped on the earliest available vessel. Usually, it takes 25 days transit time.
Which Year model car can Import in Mauritius?
The age of the car should be above 18 Months and less than 4 Years from the date of first registration.
What sort of documents are required to apply for Import Permit?
Proforma Invoice with consignee details and Auction sheet of the car are required to apply for the Import Permit. Before applying for import permit, the customer has to Pay a bank guarantee of 100,000 MUR. This amount will be refunded back by the bank once the Car is Cleared from the Port.
In how many days can I get the import permit?
Depends on the workload of Ministry but it usually takes 4-5 working days.
How would I know CO2 value for rebate calculation?
There is list available for CO2 G/Km for customer's we convey it from there at the time of reservation.
What are the custom duties to be paid for the car?
We always suggest you to check with local custom authorities but to roughly give an idea its IED [Import Excise Duty] 55% plus 15% VAT etc.
What if car condition is not good when it reaches Port of Louis?
It wont be the case any how because we provide auction sheet before reservation and according to Mauritius import policy, no one is allowed to import cars below 3.5 auction grade which means car is really good in condition itself.
How do I get the documents?
We send documents through DHL to the customer's residence.

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