Buy Secondhand Nissan Caravan In Tanzania At Cheap Prices

  1. CARAVAN 2005 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,170

  2. CARAVAN 2023 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 21,080

  3. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 19,690

  4. CARAVAN 2017 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 17,610

  5. CARAVAN 2005 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,490

  6. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 20,320

  7. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 23,840

  8. CARAVAN 1992 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 10,368

  9. CARAVAN 2023 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 33,160

  10. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 28,990

Highlighting Features and Specs of Nissan Caravan For Sale In Tanzania

The Nissan Caravan is versatile, reliable and light commercial van, specifically designed for the business use. Van and the minibus market were dominated by the Toyota HIACE. Nissan launched this model as an alternative vehicle to beat the competition prevailing in the auto industry. It was launched in 1973, and the re-badge version of Nissan Caravan launched between 1976 and 1997.


This commercial fleet vehicle is simple as well as functional in design, which makes it useful and practical. Nissan caravan for sale in Tanzania is designed and developed to address the increasing commuting needs of the public. This bigger, dynamic, powerful van model is leading the market regarding fuel efficiency. Ample space available for the seating arrangement and roomy interior is what makes it different from the other models.

Inside Out

Nissan Caravan is a practical car-like cab. The sturdy and robust construction of this modern-looking vehicle is created with the perfect combination of features and technological upgrades to meet the everyday commuting needs on the job as well as for recreations. To increase the interior volume van is made up as square as possible. With slightly rounded corners, smooth rear windows, this vehicle have managed to look as stylish as possible. The front of cab features a large grille with metallic trim, and it is chrome in higher models. Other features included in this model are air vents for manual air-conditioning, loads of handy storage space, quite narrow seats and massive load volume. 15 to 18 seats are available with ample space for headroom and multiple seating configurations allow making room for gear as well.

On The Road

There are three engine choices in the caravan including 2-litre four-cylinder petrol, 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol. Five-speed automatic and five-speed manual features are also included in this model. The healthy range of engines available with this model offers the power and fuel economy in combination, and it can take you where you need to go.

Safety and Reliability

Nissan goes an extra mile to increase peace of mind for the users. It strongly emphasize on safety of passenger as well as the vehicle. Same is true in case of this model. The triple safety approach features information safety system, control safety to assist the driving behavior and impact safety components to reduce injury during accidents. Front airbags, front seat belts, front power window, central door lock and the Anti-Lock Brake System along with Brake Assist System are some of the features included to ensure safety. As far as reliability is the concern, built quality, fit and finish is better than the previous generation, and it is considered to be as good as a van from the auto giant, Toyota.

Bottom Line

Nissan Caravan enhanced the overall driving experience with greater stability, best control, and easy handling. The dynamic and attractive design is the combination of maximum cargo space and capacious interior styling with the wide range of safety features. Nissan Caravan price in Tanzania and other parts of the world is different, depending on versions that approximately ranging from 29,000 to 45,000 USD.


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