Toyota Prado - The Best got Better

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational that has more than 300,000 employees worldwide. It has sold more than 200 million vehicles in 67 years of being in business. It is part of the largest conglomerate in the world Toyota Group.
The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado came in market from the year 1984, bringing in multiple features from Land Cruiser, though being the smaller size version of it. Many believe that it is much better than the previous Land Cruiser on multiple fronts:


The technology is up to the mark, starting from two speed transfer case that is present in J90 and J120 platform. The front has specs of independent suspension and ladder frame that works wonder. The proactive tools in Toyota Prado includes the easy sitting arrangement, with leg space a but tight to prevent movement of children, the Six Disc CD changer gives music a new level, with rain sensing wipers, rear spoiler and heated seats to make ease highlight in technology.

Toyota Prado - Safety

The Toyota Prado safety is at the premium level with Vehicle Stability Control that helps it in grip on road in case of dampening under steer and over steer issue. The engine power and brake force is adjusted automatically with Trailer Sway Control for windy or bumpy condition of road. The crumple zone is the safe zone that has strong and greatly absorbent feature to support. The Reversing Camera with parking sensor further makes parking safe and easier.

Toyota Prado Look And Feel

The look is stylish enough to make its path to the heart. The multiple colors available include the most sold cheapest White Toyota Prado, the average demanded Silver and the expensive Black color. Whether it is the Alloy wheels or the Roof Rail everything outside work together in a way that add value to the look.

The feel is at the best with interior features of Power Window and Power Steering for quality transition on low force input. The Navigation and TV for infotainment filled; that have the maps to find way and the programs to make journey more enjoyable.
There is much more to Toyota Prado in terms of price and specs that make it best in better.

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