Nissan Caravan – The Luxury Business Vehicle

  1. CARAVAN 1992 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 10,368

  2. CARAVAN 2023 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 21,080

  3. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 28,990

  4. CARAVAN 2005 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,490

  5. CARAVAN 2015 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 13,780

  6. CARAVAN 2017 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 17,610

  7. CARAVAN 2005 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,170

  8. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 23,840

  9. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 13,520

  10. CARAVAN 2023 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 22,790

Nissan Caravan first is launched in 1973, the Nissan Caravan is extremely versatile, reliable and highly rated commercial vehicle which is designed for businesses only however, it is also for hobbies as well as leisure. The Nissan Caravan along with its main performance which is business vehicle incessantly enhanced all through four preceding version generations. Nissan Caravan has great demand in many parts of the world specially in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Tanzania and India.


The all-new Nissan Caravan provides countless significant upgrading and improvements, such as getting one of the best fuel efficiency systems for both diesel engine and nissan caravanmodels gasoline. The Nissan Caravan automobile also has a very strong, a very bold presence as well as a spacious, versatile space for cargo. Additionally, the Nissan Caravan takes on higher utensils for superior and better convenience as well as comfort that you usually cannot find most of the existing commercial vehicles. In Japanese used car market, people prefer to buy latest models like Nissan Caravan 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. However older model like 2005, 2004 and 2000 also have great demand due to cost factor.

The Nissan Caravan is highly upgraded business vehicle that offer a lot of space for cargo with ease. It has 12.2 km per liter with the benefit of clean diesel technology to get the best fuel economy. The gasoline engines of Nissan Caravan 2010 make complete usage of technologies that are fuel saving to get best fuel economy along with 9.9km liter.

Most of the Nissan Caravan versions configurations get either a 5% or else a 10% improvement in fuel economy. Some of its models’ engines with the at diesel model, emitting 50 percent lesser exhaust emission than 2009 versions.

The Nissan Caravan has the best exterior as well as interior to offer along with the most superior quality and comfort. The Caravan new exterior styling indicates an extremely modern, clean as well as a classy look.  The front end of Nissan Caravan and the corners are round along with better surface which is used for the body sides. The latest outline of Caravan as well as the expanded wheelbase helps ensure utmost space for cargo as well as utility.

The Nissan Caravan provides a lot of load capacity along with space for cargo with the length of 3,050 mm*1, for the light Nissan commercial vehicles which is as according to the Japanese taxation classification system. The beautiful interior makes utmost use of bigger space for cargo for both passengers as well as cargo such as a half split folding seat is taken on so if any long thing is loaded even than the one person can easily be seated. Moreover, a big space available in the Nissan Caravan at the side panel of the cargo space, where luggage utility nuts can be placed for passengers to customized cargo space for their convenience.

Some of the other most attractive features that enhanced convenience as well as comfort comprises push engine start which is take on for the very first time in any commercial vehicle, foot-operated, intelligent key, parking brakes as well as your vehicle information that can be located at the center of the meter panel of your vehicle. In a nut shell, Nissan caravan is one of the best and highly technological vehicles which is reliable as well as comfortable for the passengers.


Nissan Caravan Generations

B640 (1965–1973)
E20 E21, E22 (1973–1980)
E23 (1980–1986)
E24 (1986–2015)
E25 (2001–2012)
NV350 (2012–present)


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Nissan Caravan is about 18.2 mpg.

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