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  1. CARAVAN 2012 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,590

Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale is highly regarded as a fully fledged, versatile and commercial vehicle. With the wide array of application in different industries and its great utility for commercial and recreational activities, the vehicle successfully managed to earned recognition among buyers. Nissan Caravan DX Long price, comprehensive list of features for safety, practicality, and functionality allow it to stands out of the crowd.


Stylish Exterior


The large surface of the vehicle is giving it a simple but stylish look. Three-dimensional front, Crips bi-xenon headlamps design with LED lights offer good road visibility. Distinct character lines are visible enough to tone down the boxy shape of the Caravan. At the back, there is a combination of stylish rear lights and a large boot lid finished chrome. A rear camera is also installed at the back to make it easy to drive and effortless to park the vehicle.


Power Configurations


Beside wide-body configuration, it comes in four trim choices. Under the front seat, there is a choice of three economical engines where cool diesel engine by taking the advantage of clean diesel technology allows it to be at the forefront of the buyers shopping list. For petrol lover, the petrol engine with five-speed automatic transmission comes in as standard. Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale with decent driving dimensions drives well and feels stable on road.


Attractive Interior


Inside space of Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale is ergonomically designed and offers an aesthetic appeal to potential buyers with plethora of choices available inside Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale. The van is powered by push engine start system, intelligent key and foot operated parking brakes. Behind restyled, ergonomically designed steering there is a modern clear-cut instrument panel with a wide array of unique dashes and controls. The inside space of Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale is also restyled to offer a premium look and feel. Thanks to the comfortable and supportive seats and placement of the gearshift on the instrument panel for making it an efficient and agile contender.


Safety and Reliability


Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale is a solid and popular alternative to the range-topping and mind-boggling Toyota HiAce. The practical car like the cab features for comfort, convenience, safety and in-car entertainment all comes in as standard and allow it to dominate the class. Robust and reliable body structure made up of high-quality material and smart integration of several advanced safety amenities allow it to deliver a safe and competent riding experience with great peace of mind. Airbags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and premium quality look and feel all comes in as standard.


Bottom Line


Nissan Caravan DX Long price, reasonably stylish exterior and unique dashes and controls enable it to be at the forefront of a buyers shopping list. Powerful engine, low-cost ownership, and mileage efficiency are few hard to ignore features or characteristics of Nissan caravan DX Long. Nissan Caravan DX Long for sale is massive, dynamic and an efficient, high performing contender promised to deliver unparalleled riding experience to the passengers on board.

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