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Cars for Sale in Burundi

  1. ALLION 2007 Toyota ALLION

    Цена: USD 3,470

  2. ALLION 2004 Toyota ALLION

    Цена: USD 1,620

  3. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 7,640

  4. ALLION 2004 Toyota ALLION

    Цена: USD 3,320

  5. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 5,860

  6. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Цена: USD 8,610

  7. VITZ 2012 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 3,480

  8. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 7,470

  9. VITZ 2013 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 4,170

  10. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Цена: USD 3,910

Burundi has been proving to be a favorable market for Japanese used cars for the past few years. Burundi achieved independence in 1962. It is a small country in East Africa. It offers beautiful landscapes and a variety of activities for tourists.

All these reasons have contributed to a flourishing automobile sector. Cars from Japan are quite popular due to their performance and reliability. There is also a significant need for cars in the country to transport goods and vehicles, pushing the cars for sales in Burundi higher each year. People are becoming inclined to buy a car for personal use and start a business.

Here are some of the most popular cars for sale in Burundi, which are in demand due to their mileage, outlook, interior comfort, and capacity.



Popular Cars for Sale in Burundi



Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is a popular car from japan which is a subcompact hatchback introduced by Toyota in 1999. It was introduced in international markets as Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris for the first generation. The Vitz received the Car of the Year Japan Award in the first year of its introduction.

In 2000, a better version of the Vitz was introduced. "RS" is available in two engine options. One is the 1.3-liter 84 hp 2NZ-FE, and the other option includes a 1.5-liter 110 hp 1NZ-FE. The car was introduced with a firmer suspension calibration and stronger brakes.

The "RS" also had a revised front and rear bumper, black-tinted headlamps, a mesh grille, side skirts, front fog lamps, and allow wheels. The interior of the cars was upgraded with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, front seats with a sports outlook, metallic door sill scuff plates, and a leather and chrome gear shifter.

In early 2005 the Vitz experienced a redesign. Its engine was replaced with a 3-cylinder engine offering more power. It is the first car in its class that offered nine airbags. It is a promising car if comfort and safety are your priority.



Toyota Allion

Among other Japanese used cars, Toyota Allion is another popular car for sale in Burundi. The Toyota Allion is a sedan that was introduced in 2001. It is a 4-door compact car having a four-wheel drive. The first generation Toyota Allion has an elegant appearance.

It comes in a 4-speed automatic transmission with engine options of 1.5 liter, 1.8 liters, and 2.0 liter. In 2004, the Toyota Allion got a redesign featuring LED taillights. The 2.0-liter model comes with a four-speed torque converter automatic transmission and a CVT.

The second-generation Toyota Allion was introduced in 2007 with a better appearance. The 1.8-liter model offered a four-wheel drive. It boasts features such as a smart entry and start system, a hard-disk navigation system, and a rear view monitor in color.

The car had a better fuel consumption for its 1.5-liter model, which was improved to 18 km/L. Fuel consumption for other engine models was also improved. The Toyota Allion was again revised in 2010. It featured twin LED taillights and sharper-looking headlights.

Toyota Allion underwent a redesign again in 2016, and this time got a facelift. A "Toyota Safety Sence C" system was also introduced along with bi-beam LED headlights. The Toyota Allion is a great car for families who like to take frequent road trips.



Mitsubishi EK Wagon

Another car for sale in Burundi, which is a popular Japanese used car, is the Mitsubishi EK Wagon. Manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, it is also known as Nissan Otti and Nissan Dayz in other markets. The car won the "Good Design Award" immediately upon its release. It beat its initial sales target of 10,000 units per month by 3000 in the first four days.

The first-generation car was introduced in 2001 with a 658 cc engine and three transmission variants. It was introduced in a 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic, and 4-speed automatic transmission. In 2006, the company introduced the second generation of the car with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 3-speed automatic transmission, and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car was introduced with an improved appearance with a sliding door on the passenger seats, a new feature for its class. The third generation EK Wagon was sportier and was released in 2013. It was introduced with two engine variants, the 658 cc 3B20 I3 and the 658 cc 3B20T I3-T. It had a transmission CVT.

The fourth-generation EK Wagon is still in production and came out in 2019. It has a petrol engine and gives a power output of 38-47 kW with a CVT Transmission. If you are looking for a stylish car with notable performance, Mitsubishi EK Wagon is a good bet.



Nissan X-Trail

Lastly, the Nissan X-Trail is a car from Japan that fulfills several criteria, especially for family use. First introduced in 2000, it is also known as Nissan Rogue. The Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover. It is a 5-door SUV with a front engine and a front-wheel drive.

The car came with a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine which was later upgraded to a variable turbocharger. The car received an overall upgrade in 2003 with redesigned bumpers and grille. The Nissan logo was also updated with this revamp.

The car comes in a 2WD, 4WD, or a 4WD Lock through an electronic switch. The engine came in three variants for petrol and in one variant for diesel. Furthermore, it was available in a 4-speed automatic transmission, 5-speed manual transmission, and a 6-speed manual transmission.

The second-generation Nissan X-trail was introduced in 2007 in Japan, Indonesia, and Russia, and in 2008 in China. It came in a CVT transmission, a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine was introduced in two variants for petrol and one diesel.

The third-generation car was in production from 2013 to 2021. It was introduced in 4 engine variants for petrol and 3 engine variants for diesel. Consumers can choose between 1.3-liter turbo, 1.6-liter turbo, 2.0 liter I4, and 2.5 liter I4. If you want a diesel engine, you can find this car from Japan in a 1.6 liter I4, 1.7 liter I4, and 2.0 liter I4. If you are looking for a personal or family car then the Nissan X-Trail is a good option.



Bottom Line

Japanese used cars for sale in Burundi are a good option if you want to purchase a car on a budget. Japanese cars are known for their sleek and compact design, durable car structure, great safety features, and stellar performance that make them a joy to drive.

To buy a new or used car for sale in Burundi, you can check the wide variety of options at SBT Japan. The company assists in importing documentation from start to end. You do not have to worry about anything other than selecting your dream car. You can also find assistance in purchasing a car that suits your budget. The SBT Japan sales team is available 24/7 for assistance.



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