Second Hand Toyota Vitz - Stunning Car

  1. VITZ 2016 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 5,300

  2. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 3,540

  3. VITZ 2015 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 4,370

  4. VITZ 2006 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 1,800

  5. VITZ 2018 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 5,740

  6. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 5,130

  7. VITZ 2010 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 2,680

  8. VITZ 2006 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 2,320

  9. VITZ 2014 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 3,550

  10. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Preços: USD 7,120

With Toyota Motors Corporation – Let’s Go Places!

Toyota Motors Corporation is determined to take its valued customers to places far and wide and provide memorable travelling experiences they have ever imagined. The company, since its establishment and set up has manufactured, marketed and launched some wonderful and spectacular vehicles that competitors find hard to imitate.


Let it be the finest quality, style, sophistication, reliability or elegance, every aspect is praiseworthy. The Japanese manufacturer is accredited with numerous awards for its outstanding and innovative creations and automobile solutions. All in all, Toyota Motors Corporation believes strongly in responding to the utmost customer wishes and expectations and fulfilling them like no one before.


Exploring The World Is Now Possible With Vitz Series!

The collaborative research center at Toyota Motors Corporation is responsible for some amazing yet mind boggling creations. Toyota vitz series which is known as the yaris in international markets is one of them. The vehicle was designed under supervision of Toyota experts and engineers and unveiled for the first time in the market in 1998.


The models, soon after inception, were constantly being transformed and updated as per the changing trends and the tastes of the end users. The purpose of modification was to provide a product that customers find relevant and relating to their lives. The vitz series was conceptualized as to one that could help individuals explore world to the fullest with incredible features and the unwavering capabilities.


The Success Story over Years

The compact Toyota vitz is not the outcome of an overnight effort but years of research and development. The vehicle and its variants embody excellence and supremacy to its maximum. The life and chronology of Toyota vitz could be broadly categorized into the period of three years or generations.


The first generation series was called as the XP 10 and ranged exclusively from year 1998 till 2005, second generation series of vitz was known as the XP 90 and was sold from year 2005 till 2010 and the third generation is marked from year 2010 till present times with its famous and popular XP 130 series or the hybrid version.


Each year models were fitted with the better and updated specifications to beat the competition and give customers things they desire to improve their standard of living. Despite of all the augmentations and customization, the Toyota vitz models are very reasonably priced and many dealers offer used Toyota vitz for sale at affordable prices across the globe.


The Performance of the Nearly New Toyota Vitz!

The performance excellence is ensured through every element fitted in the nearly new Toyota vitz models. The features provide superb combination while functioning and deliver value on road and off road. The best quality features fitted are: 1296 cc displacement, straight engine layout, four cylinders, 16 valves, 10.5 compression ratio, petrol fuel, four gears, combined fuel consumption of 4.65 liters per 100 kilometers and minimum CO2 emissions as per the standards. The vitz models are ensured to provide supremacy, speed and fuel efficiency without unnecessary fuel costs or expenditures.


Driving and Handling of Second Hand Toyota Vitz

The vehicle carries not only the best features but also the correctly and approximately proportioned measurements for the hassle free handling and control over smooth and uneven drive ways. The dimensions include: 1285 kilograms of vehicle weight, 3750 mm length, 1520 mm height, 1695 mm width, 2460 mm long wheelbase, 1480 mm track front, 145 mm ground clearance, seating capacity conveniently for five adult individuals and fuel tank capacity of 42 liters for convenient long distance journeys.


The vivid and vibrant interior cabin and exterior body shades

The new and used models of Toyota vitz for sale, comes with the lively interior cabin and exterior body shades. The colors are kept subtle yet exciting for target market of all age and interests. The exterior colors are: absolutely red, black sand pearl, blazing blue pearl, classic silver metallic, lagoon blue mica, magnetic gray metallic, super white and wave line pearl. The interior colors complimenting the exterior shades are ash and cloth.


The Heart Throbbing Styling

The vitz interior and exterior styling is not at all ordinary. Based on customer reviews analysis, the vehicle is well groomed and sleek through its every nook and corner. The right curves and moderate size chrome grille gives the vehicle the dominant personality of its own.


Moreover the beamy headlights, alloy wheels, attention grabbing leathered seats bring a touch of premium and top end class. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that used Toyota Vitz denotes luxury that is approachable and lighter on pocket.

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