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Toyota Mark X: Full Review

Toyota Mark X is one of the classiest cars you will find, which remained in production from 2004 until 2019. It is a mid-size 4-door sedan primarily meant for the Japanese market. In Japan, it is one of the top-level cars sold only at the brands store locations.

Mark X is a successor to Mark II, also known as Corona Mark II in the North American market. It entered the market in 1968. Mark X picked up from where Mark II left, and so it is loved by many car enthusiasts for its sleek design, powerful drive, and smooth handling.



Toyota Mark X Variants

The Toyota Mark X is spread over two generations and comes in many variants. It comes in two engine variants: a 2.5-liter, also known as “250,” and a 3-liter, known as “350”. The Mark X received a facelift in 2006, and a new model was introduced in 2009, replacing the older one. Its variant details are as follows:

  • G: The standard trim comes with allow wheels, climate control air conditioning, and fabric interior.
  • G F Package: You can get an electric adjustment for the drivers seat and a chic wood and chrome interior on this trim.
  • G L Package: This variant has a push-button start and keyless entry. It has a wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel and controls to manage the stereo.
  • G S Package: This trim is similar to the G-L trim but has a sportier steering wheel. You will also find the interior dark-colored. It includes a body kit, alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler.
  • G Premium: The G premium is the top trim of the Mark X. It includes all the features of the G L trim as well as cruise control and electric seat adjustment options.



Toyota Mark X Exterior

With its distinctive look, the Mark X stands apart from other cars in its league, and for a good reason. It has a prominent crease extending from the nose to the tail, making it look like it is sitting on a wider lower portion.

You will not spot a Toyota badge; instead, a large X emblem stands out on the grille, enhancing the appearance of the car. The headlights feature a unique design with three linked light units.



Mark X Interior

As stylish as the Mark X looks from the outside, it feels from the inside as well. The class continues inside with an unusual mix of colors and surface materials. The interior feels modern, with high-quality plastic used for the dash in dark grey and beige tones. The stereo has a silver-metallic finish, and the center console stands out with black leather and a red and chrome plastic wood finish.

The steering wheel is large and fits perfectly. It gives a strong grip, yet it is soft to the touch. You can swiftly steer the vehicle in any direction you want. You will find stereo controls on the steering wheel. The infotainment system is a touchscreen that will require a band expander to catch local radio frequencies. You can find additional control buttons below the screen under a hatch.

Seating inside the Mark X is spacious, and the front seats are large and comfortable. There is significant space on the sides and front for taller people to sit easily. The rear seats are equally comfortable, and two people can sit spaciously. The center seat at the back is best for children as it is a bit raised and firm. There is excellent legroom at the back for everyone to relax on long rides.

You will find the Toyota Mark X quite reasonable regarding the boot space. It features 437 liters of space in the trunk that can easily take four medium suitcases. If you are keen on playing golf, you will be glad to know that four sets of golf clubs can easily fit in the trunk. It is also part of Toyotas advertising showing how to arrange them in the boot. You can also fold the rear seat to create more space, but the opening is restricted and small.



Toyota Mark X Drive and Handling

Toyota introduced a new range of six-cylinder engines for the Mark X, which are fuel-efficient and more powerful. They produce cleaner emissions as well. You can find the Mark X with a 2.5-liter and a 3-liter engine. A version of the 3-liter engine, which is supercharged and high-performance, is also sold.

Mark X trims mostly use a six-speed transmission and come in rear-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive variant uses a five-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Mark X 250g fuel consumption engine produces 243 Nm and 147 KW making it very smooth and quiet on the road. It feels powerful for the small engine size of this car. The transmission is equally smooth and easily changes manually with a short shifter.

Taking the Mark X out on the road feels like a delight. It steers well, and the ride is well-handled. You will find joy in driving the Mark X as its steering is quite responsive and comfortable. The brakes are also smooth, and the car does not take long to stop when you hit them. The engine accelerates quickly as well without making any noise or disturbance.



Mark X Safety Features

Mark X has a full six-star rating for driver protection in the Japanese NCAP testing in 2005. It also has a five-star rating for passenger protection. The car has a full set of passenger and driver airbags, electronic stability control, and electronic brake force distribution.

There is a three-point seatbelt on each rear seat which enhances protection for the rear passengers. Most vehicles come with an ISOFIX child seat system, so you can check for it at the time of purchasing the vehicle if it is important to you.



Mark X Reliability

Mark X enjoys a good reputation for being reliable and well-built. After all, it is a Toyota vehicle. You will find a timing chain on the engine, but it will not require frequent changing.

You may only find one issue with the engine, which is oxygen sensor failure. The oxygen sensors determine how much fuel and air is being burnt, allowing it to self-tune for emission and power. If the sensor stops working, you will see a “check engine” light turn on.



End Word

The Toyota Mark X is a stylish and powerful vehicle with a premium feel. It offers comfortable and spacious seating, sporty handling, and reasonable trunk space. However, you may find the dash cracking under direct sunlight. If you are buying a used vehicle, it is an essential aspect that requires to be checked.

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