Nissan Elgrand – An Appealing Japanese Domestic Car

  1. ELGRAND 2016 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 16,580

  2. ELGRAND 2018 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 23,533

  3. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 21,647

  4. ELGRAND 2013 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 9,809

  5. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 22,695

  6. ELGRAND 2013 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 15,695

  7. ELGRAND 2019 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 26,761

  8. ELGRAND 2017 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 20,819

  9. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 18,609

  10. ELGRAND 2012 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: US$ 7,647

Nissan Elgrand For Sale In Kenya

Nissan Elgrand for sale in Kenya is accessible in three ages, famously known as E50, E51 and E52. The present model speaks to the third era, which imparts the stage to Nissan Quest. It contends in the minivan class, matching Toyota Alphard and Honda Odyssey. It is likewise promoted as extravagant option in contrast to Nissan Lafesta. This minivan is offered in front-wheel just as all-wheel drive setups. Its styling is idiosyncratic as just Japanese Domestic Models can be. Rather than concealing its van-like boxiness as Mercedes did with the R-Class, the Elgrand savors its piece sidedness. It packs great quality highlights and wellbeing estimates that procure it great level unwavering quality appraisals. This minivan is available in front-wheel-drive variations, mated to a persistently factor transmission. It rides flexibly and stays all around created on the tracks. It comes mounted with two motor alternatives including 2.5L and 3.5L units. Moreover, thus vehicle has been reputed for long-held durability and solid level strength.


Nissan Elgrand for sale in Kenya is a key player for the Nissan, smashing big records for sales in the whole used marketplace. Dimensionally, it measures up an overall length of 4915mm and height of 1810mm, whereas it rides on the wheelbase dimension of 3000mm. It shares same width as that of the Toyota Vellfire. The minivan has intentional lodge inside. It feels open and agreeable for travelers. It can oblige seven travelers easily. The seating plan takes after like other minivan however with 2-2-3 arrangement. All seats are canvassed in acceptable quality cowhide, having a decent match with dim wood complements. Hardware astute, this vehicle is compliant decision. It packs number of gear, for example, downpour detecting wiper, back window washer, side stepper and sunroof as standard. Likewise, it remembers a few enhancements and uncluttered controls for an essentially fabricated dashboard design. There is part of room for the travelers and gear to settle in satisfactory solace. The seats are foldable, given with headrest, armrest and safety belts. This vehicle comes with purposeful cabin, as all seats are covered in good quality leather that gives good match with dark wood accents. It features.


Decency At Its Best

Its unequivocally characterized signature line runs along the flank to complement the Nissan Elgrand for sale in Kenya. Similarly immense claddings, which ambiguously take after streamlined skirtings, outwardly bring down the vehicle while overstating its 1.9m stature. In advance, there is a nobly upstanding grille, weighed down with glossy chrome bars suggestive of the enormous trailers that handle the interminable interstate. The driver relax on an extravagant couch, total with his own customizable armrest. It is a similar story with different seats on board as every one of them look and feel unfathomably good. Little miracle that a vehicle like this is well known with big names making a trip to recording areas. In evident MPV style, the lodge is equipped for a heap of arrangements, going from an entire eight-seater to an enormous cargo loader that will disgrace numerous a business vehicle.



Nissan Elgrand for sale in Kenya has been conceived for long hauls and stress-free travelling. It comes as a bit of surprise for the drives because of its extraordinary functionality. Under the hood, this vehicle is equipped with standard 2.5L engine, powering the rear-wheel-drivetrain. The locomotive produces net output power of 186bhp and 232Nm of torque at 6000rpm and 3200rpm respectively. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed automatic gearbox that offers smooth downshift and uninterrupted power transmission. It has capability to hit the top speed of 180km/h, and accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 14.6 seconds. It runs continuously right to the end, finding some kind of harmony among solace and nature of ride. Also, this vehicle makes up increasingly reasonable driving experience when it is being driven around the town.


Shipping to Kenya

Nissan Elgrand for sale in Kenya is an affordable and lucrative buying option. It is imported in huge quantity from Japan through proper channel, where the shipment lands at port of Mombasa. As per import policy of country, the age of vehicle is restricted up to 8 years. The vehicle must go through an inspection by JEVIC. The duties and taxes are also applied on imported vehicle as per regulations which include 25% import duty plus 20% excise duty and 16% VAT. However, an import declaration fee of SH 5,000 should be paid as a processing fee, although the rate of taxes and duties are same for any type of vehicle.


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