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Toyota Corolla Cross Price South Africa

  1. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 13,302

  2. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,460

  3. COROLLA 2004 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,400

  4. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,180

  5. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 1,490

  6. COROLLA 1997 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,290

  7. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,550

  8. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,250

  9. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,550

  10. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Үнэ: USD 2,770

South Africa, a country with a population of 60.6 million, is traditionally the leader in the automotive industry in the African subcontinent. Moreover, the African country now designs and manufactures approximately half a million vehicles of different types each year.

While local manufacturing of military vehicles and trucks subsists, vehicles manufactured and reassembled under the license of overseas brands are the backbone.

The existing automobile industry in the southernmost tip of the African continent was propelled in 1995. Besides, it has delivered many exports since 1995. In addition, it has inspired international automotive designers and manufacturers to award production bonds to the factories operating in South Africa.

As a result, the factories operating in the South African market can benefit from the low manufacturing costs and the access to new industries due to trade contracts with the European Union (EU) and the inter-governmental organization Southern African Development Community (SADC). Some of the automotive manufacturers with a substantial presence in South Africa include:

1. Toyota Motor Corporation

2. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

3. Mercedes-Benz

4. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG

5. Honda Motor Company

6. Mahindra and Mahindra Limited



Toyota Motor Corporation, at this time, has a marketing and sales network that spreads to more than 50 African nations and is returning to industry growth. Furthermore, vehicle design and manufacturing in South Africa was initiated in 1962. As a result, a production plant became a base for Corolla and Hilux entities to be exported throughout Artica and Europe.



Overview Of Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla is a sequence of compact vehicles designed and manufactured by one of the leading global car manufacturers, Toyota Motor Corporation, and was initially introduced in November 1966.

The Toyota Corolla was awarded the best-selling global car award in 1974 and, since then, has been the leading car in the world. Moreover, Toyota Corolla became the top-selling plate throughout the globe, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle in 1997.

In addition, the previous models of Toyota Corolla were rear-wheel drive. However, the newer models have four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. The customary competitors of the Toyota Corolla have been the Nissan Sunny. However, the Toyota Motor Corporation launched the first generation of Toyota Corolla Cross in 2020.

Embracing the nameplate of Corolla, it is placed as a more concrete and significant substitute for the Compact High Rider and Cross Hatch Run-about (C-HR) and built on the same Toyota New Global Architecture TNGA  platform as the E210 (twelfth generation) series Corolla.

Moreover, by size, the Toyota Corolla Cross is placed between the Cross Hatch Run-about (C-HR)and RAV4 within Toyotas crossover Sport Utility Vehicle lineup. Tactlessly, the Toyota Corolla Cross also takes over the ordinary driving character of compact cars.



Three Reasons To Buy Toyota Corolla Cross

If you are considering buying the Toyota Corolla Cross compact crossover SUV, here are some of the advantages you must know:



1.     Maneuverable & Navigable

First of all, the best feature that Toyota Corolla Cross possesses is fuel economy and fuel efficiency. Consumer Reports car testing stated that the compact Sports Utility Vehicle averages 21 miles per gallon within the city streets and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. However, the combined fuel economy beats class leaders like the Nissan Rogue Sport and Mazda CX-30.



2.     Standard Features

You may not anticipate numerous features with a vehicle model as moderately priced as the Toyota Corolla Cross price South Africa. As a result, the standard features of the Toyota Corolla Cross are absolutely valued for money.

On the other hand, even the base trim of the car has more than a few features, such as the driving assistance features. Furthermore, the basic Toyota Corolla Cross L variant comes with the following features:

1. LED Headlights

2. 17-Inch Steel Wheels

3. 7-Inch Touchscreen

4. Apple Carplay

5. Android Auto

6. Keyless Entry

7. Six-Speaker Audio System

8. Heated Side Mirrors

9. Satellite Radio

On the other hand, the higher variants of the car do not entirely have the security and driver-assistance features. For example, basic trims offer forward collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, lane departure mitigation, automatic high beams, and a lane-keeping system.



3.     Better Off-Road Capabilities

Toyota Corolla Cross has improved off-road competencies than the other vehicles of its kind. However, no other crossover Sports Utility Vehicle is a stern off-roader like a Jeep Wrangler or a Ford Bronco. In addition, Cross has a high ground clearance which is crucial for off-road use, enabling a car to more effectively and securely drive over uneven roads.



Toyota Corolla Cross Price In South Africa

Toyota Corolla Cross Price In South Africa can be determined by the trim and the model you decide to buy. However, the general price starts from KES 2,930,719.80 (24,380 USD) and can go up to KES 4,125,607.20 (34,320 USD). In addition, Toyota Corolla Cross is available in three different trims:

1. Toyota Corolla Cross L

2. Toyota Corolla Cross LE

3. Toyota Corolla Cross XLE



Toyota Corolla Cross Specifications

The Toyota Corolla Cross is the modern Toyota crossover SUV that possesses four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. However, some of the other specifications include:

1. Transmission - Continuously Variable-Speed Automatic

2. Engine Type - Gas

3. Drive Type – All Wheel Drive & Front Wheel Drive

4. EPA City/Highway MPG - 31/33 MPG

5. EPA Combined MPG - 32 MPG

6. Cylinders – Four Inline

7. Total Seating – Five

8. Rear Door Child Safety Locks

9. Cam Type - Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)

10. Front & Rear Stabilizer Bar

11. Front Independent Suspension

12. Pre-Collision Safety System

13. Front & Rear Head Airbags

14. Lane Departure Warning Accident Avoidance System

15. Stability Control

16. Dual Front & Dual Rear Side-Mounted Airbags

17. Post-Collision Safety System

18. Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation

19. Child Seat Anchors

20. Traction Control

21. Ample Cargo Space



Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

The owners acquainted with the Toyota Corolla Sedan will find themselves comfortable inside the Toyota Corolla Cross. The Toyota Corolla Cross interior comprises the instrument panel layout and other convenience features similar to the four-door Corolla models.

On the other hand, the Corolla Cross massive dimensions make extra room for travelers, specifically on the back seat. Moreover, it offers extra space for cargo and loads.

In addition, the Toyota Corolla Cross interior for lower trims is extremely basic. Still, the LE and XLE trims possess beautiful faux-leather fabric, fiery front seats, a leather-enfolded shift doorknob, and a flip-down middle armrest for travelers sitting at the back.



The Final Word

The detailed analysis of the Toyota Corolla Cross can provide you with a comprehensive review of the Toyota Corolla Cross interior and the Toyota Corolla Cross price in South Africa. The Toyota Corolla Cross is placed between the Cross Hatch Run-about (C-HR)and RAV4 within Toyota crossover SUV lineup and is the best car for your family needs.

If you are ready to buy a Toyota Corolla Cross, SBT Japan can help you fulfill your requirements. You can call the welcoming sales team of SBT Japan to inquire about the importing and purchasing process of the Toyota Corolla Cross.

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