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A Detailed Review of the Nissan X-Trail

  1. XTRAIL 2013 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 2,920

  2. XTRAIL 2013 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 9,970

  3. XTRAIL 2002 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 1,290

  4. XTRAIL 2017 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 6,940

  5. XTRAIL 2017 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 7,550

  6. XTRAIL 2009 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 1,170

  7. XTRAIL 2016 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 7,230

  8. XTRAIL 2016 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 11,430

  9. XTRAIL 2015 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 5,230

  10. XTRAIL 2017 Nissan XTRAIL

    Үнэ: USD 5,160

The Nissan X-Trail is a promising vehicle by the Japanese automaker Nissan. It has been in production since 2000 and is now in its fourth generation. The X-trail is categorized as a compact crossover SUV.

Since the third generation, the vehicle has become similar to the Rogue; however, previously, it was positioned below the Pathfinder and Xterra. The vehicle has undergone significant design changes in its third generation, saying goodbye to a boxier design and adopting a more stylish urban look.

The fourth generation model comes with the option of an e-Power series hybrid powertrain, which is the only option available in Europe and Japan. Lets look at the Nissan X-trail through the generations and what the latest one offers.



First Generation

The first generation X-Trail was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September 2000. It uses the Nissan MS/M&S/FF-S platform, the same as the Nissan Almera, Primera, and Sentra. The vehicle was launched in Australia and the United Kingdom in 2001.

The X-Trail with a petrol and diesel engine option with a 4-speed automatic, 5-speed, or 6-speed manual transmission. The first generation of the Nissan X-Trail received an interior and exterior uplift, and its production continued until 2014.



Second Generation

The second generation X-Trail debuted in 2007 at the Geneva Motor Show. It remained in production until 2019. It was slightly larger than its predecessor and flaunted a Renault-Nissan C platform. In Canada and the United States, the vehicle was replaced by the Rogue.

In Japan, however, it was available in two engine options. Either as a 2.5 or 2.0 petrol engine with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) and a 6-speed manual mode or a 2.5-liter engine. It came as an entry-level S trim and a highly stylish X trim.

The second generation X-Trail received a facelift as well in 2010. The United Kingdom received the Nissan X-Trail Platinum with special features in a limited production run of 200 vehicles.



Third Generation

The third generation X-Trail remained in production from 2013 to 2022, during which it was simultaneously released in other markets such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Russia. It made its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show and boasted an all-new CMF-CD platform which is also available on the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Koleos.

The third-generation X-Trail is available in an urban crossover look that has softer lines and looks classier than the previous generations. It also boasts better aerodynamics with a carefully shaped spoiler and door mirrors.

Its engine options include a 1.3-liter, 1.6-liter, 2.0-liter, and 2.5-liter petrol engine and a 2.0-liter petrol hybrid engine. Its also available in a 1.6-liter, 1.7-liter, and 2.0-liter diesel engine. The transmission available for the third-generation Nissan X-trail is a 6-speed manual, CVT, and a 7-speed DCT.


Fourth Generation

The fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail is worth talking about. It launched in 2021 at Auto Shanghai in China and is still in production. It offers a lot to drivers in the larger end of the SUV category. However, its still not the biggest seven-seater SUV in its category.

Overall, you will find it is roomy, with enough space to accommodate passengers and luggage easily. The inside cabin looks and feels good, and without a doubt, it is well-built. Lets take a look at the Nissan X-Trail in detail below:



Engine and Drive

The Nissan X-Trail is surely a bulky machine, but it is easy to drive. You will find it boasts a light steering and an easy-to-control six-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle comes with Nissans Intelligent Trace Control which offers speed monitoring and steering input.

The SUV features Nissans ProPILOT semi-autonomous driving technology that allows the car to accelerate, steer and brake autonomously both at cruising speed as well as in heavy traffic.

It gives a reasonable blend of comfort, refinement, and agility with well-isolated wind and road noise. Regarding the engine, it boasts a single 1.7-liter diesel with 148hp and 1.3-liter petrol with 158hp keeping in mind lower CO2 figures and improved emissions. The petrol variant comes with front-wheel drive and a dual-clutch transmission.



Design, Interior, and Technology

The X-Trail looks quite similar to the Qashqai, but at the rear, you will find it is significantly different. It boasts a wider front grille and some other changes that make it stand apart. Its available in new colors and alloy wheel designs, adding variety to the lineup.

The Nissan X-Trail is available in the entry-level Visia, Acenta, Acenta Premium, N-Connecta, and the highest trim Tekna. The base trim comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, cruise control, air-con, and a multi-functional steering wheel.

The Tekna comes with self-parking and powered leather seats and 19-inch wheels. Inside you will find soft-touch materials with a good fit and finish. When it comes to infotainment and connectivity tech, rivals are way ahead of the game.

You will find it boasting an around-view monitor, sat-nav, and a seven-inch screen which isnt ideally placed. The NissanConnect Evo allows you to take calls via Bluetooth and has audio streaming and DAB, but it doesnt support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.



Practicality and Trunk Space

At first glance, the Nissan X-Trail makes the cut for the perfect family car. It offers decent trunk space. However, the third-row seats come at an additional price. However, the vehicle is still very practical with wide-opening doors, compartments including a lid between the seats and a practical glovebox, and additional storage space. There is a generous load area at the rear as well.

When you ride with your family in the Nissan X-Trail, you will find that it offers good cabin space and decent legroom. The rows are arranged in a tiered-theatre style way, meaning each row sits a little higher than the one before. So this doesnt make people sitting at the back feel claustrophobic.

The third row is optional, with a pair of flat-folding seats. You will find a trio of seatbelts in the second row. The trunk boasts 445 liters of space, and with five seats, you can get 565 liters easily. If you fold both the middle and third-row seats, you can easily expand it to 1,996 liters.



Safety and Reliability

The Nissan X-Trail undoubtedly gives a reasonably good performance. Its engines, platforms, and technology have been used across the Renault-Nissan Alliance, so its a reliable family vehicle.

There are upgrades to the safety gear as well that consumers enjoy. There is liberal use of high-strength steel in the body, and features such as blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning make it a treat to drive.



Final Verdict

Overall, the Nissan X-Trail is a stylish car that places great emphasis on detail. It has a spacious cabin, and if you are a family of five and more, its a promising vehicle. Under the touch, it feels effortless to drive. It has given impressive performance through the generations. Only the top models are pricier, but overall it is worth purchasing.




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