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Chevrolet Express 3500: An Elegant and Agile Driving Marvel

  1. EXPRESS 2013 Chevrolet EXPRESS

    Үнэ: USD 15,750


Chevrolet Express is mechanically identical to its twin sister, GMC Savana. It is a full-size van designed and developed by General Motors for daily driving needs of the passengers. Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale is practical as well as essential contender design to perform people and cargo hauling function for large families, people in the construction industry or adventure seekers. Chevrolet Express 3500 price is another factor influencing buyers to opt for the purchase of this unique mixture of elegance and luxury in one package. 




Ever since the launch, Chevrolet Express for sale has undergone through various design updates and feature upgrades. In 2003, the vehicle received major updates, like the inclusion of the LS engine, an addition of stability control as well as side impact and roof airbags to ensure safety and security for passengers on board. Original, first-generation Chevrolet Express made its public debut with the launch of three variants. It comes in as a cargo, passengers and concept car configurations. From full-frame design to the powerful engine, plenty of cargo capacity and highly advanced technologies, everything is designed to ensure comfort and convenience. 


Incredibly an Adequate Choice


Other than capacious inside-out design, large cargo handling and ample space for headroom and legroom, Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale has a wide variety of features for customization. Now it is possible to personalize inside-out design of Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale as per daily driving needs and preferences. Either its a family visit to the seaside; any other recreational activity or heavy hauling job in the construction industry, mind-boggling, Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale is incredibly an adequate commuting option in its class.


Power Efficiency


Chevrolet Express practicality and functionality is not confined to the spacious inside space and aesthetically appealing design details. There is a wide range of power options offering excellent mileage efficiency at the expense of low running cost. For example, there is a choice between the 4.3-liter V6 engine with direct injection and variable valve timing, 6.0-liter V8 engine producing the decent amount of output which is adequate for cargo and heavy hauling needs and 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel 4 cylinder engine fulfilling large cargo hauling needs with maximum ease and comfort.


Utmost Safety


Safety is the primary concern in large family-oriented vehicles. Therefore, Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale is equipped with a comprehensive list of features for safety, security, and convenience of passengers on board. Driver assistance technologies like standard rear vision camera, tire pressure monitoring, slide blind zone alerts, electronic stability control system all come in as standard to minimize the chances of the crash. Airbags, On Star safety security plan with the automatic crash response, comes in as standard to ensure safety and security of passengers on board. 


Technology Upgrades


The long list of high-end technology features is an added bonus making Chevrolet Express 3500 for sale a unique mixture of comfort and convenience. There is a Chevrolet My Link with navigation 7-inch diagonal color touch screen and Bluetooth wireless technology to make riding a fun and exciting experience for passengers on board. Chevrolet Express 3500 price against a wide range of features suggest it is a good value for money commuting option in its class.

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