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Volkswagen the Beetle

  1. GOLF 2012 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 4,285

  2. JETTA 2014 Volkswagen JETTA

    Price: USD 6,150

  3. POLO 2000 Volkswagen POLO

    Price: USD 3,533

  4. JETTA 2012 Volkswagen JETTA

    Price: USD 4,300

  5. TIGUAN 2013 Volkswagen TIGUAN

    Price: USD 10,600

  6. JETTA 2013 Volkswagen JETTA

    Price: USD 4,800

  7. GOLF VARIANT 2014 Volkswagen GOLF VARIANT

    Price: USD 6,885

  8. TIGUAN 2010 Volkswagen TIGUAN

    Price: USD 4,095

  9. GOLF 2011 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 3,400

  10. NEW BEETLE 2002 Volkswagen NEW BEETLE

    Price: USD 4,295

In automotive history, Volkswagen the Beetle is not a new name. It is identified as one of the oldest ones. It was commissioned in the 1930s and was marked as a people s car by Adolf Hitler. Ferdinand Porsche designed the affordable, reliable, durable, and practical model. In the 1960s, the bug was identified as a symbol.

In the late 1970s, Germany halted the production of the Beetles. Volkswagen launched the New Beetle in 1998. Then, it released a new variation in 2012. However, in 2019, Volkswagen decided to discontinue the production of the Volkswagen Beetle.

July 2019 was identified as the end of an era for Volkswagen the Beetle. You can find the used Volkswagen Beetle in the market. These are quirky and small in size. From the cultural point of view, the model has been a significant part of history. It became a symbol of counter-culture.

Features and Specifications of Volkswagen The Beetle

Historically, Volkswagen produced three versions of the Volkswagen Beetle. The company sold over 22.5 million cars in this period. However, the changes in the market situation and advancement in technology have shifted focus towards electrified models. People are more commonly demanding sporty vehicles that are fast, reliable, and durable.

The end of production of Volkswagen the Beetle aimed to celebrate the heritage of the model range. In the final year, the company launched two new models:

  • The Wolfsburg Edition Convertible.
  • The Wolfsburg Edition Coupe.

Examining the exterior of the Volkswagen the Beetle for sale, it is found that the dimensions are;

  • Wheelbase: 100.1 in
  • Length: 168.8 in
  • Height: 58 in
  • Width: 71.9 in

The Volkswagen Beetle consists of a convertible soft top, rear spoiler, aluminum wheels, and a tire pressure monitoring system. The exterior was designed uniquely and efficiently to offer a classy and stylish look.

The interior of the Volkswagen Beetle for sale is marked as comfortable and convenient. It has a backup camera, trip computer, keyless start, and power door locks. The steering wheel controls make it easier to handle the car.

Even when buying a used Volkswagen Beetle, you must inspect the car thoroughly. Originally, the seats are marked as Premium Synthetic Seats. These are bucket seats. The car also includes heated front seats. However, many users get the model customized according to their preferences. So, when looking for a used Volkswagen the Beetle. Consider this.

Considering the safety features of the model before buying a used Volkswagen the Beetle is highly recommended. The car is equipped with a Vehicle Anti-Theft System, power mirrors, cruise control, hands-free lift-gate, and rain-sensing wipers. Volkswagen the Beetle has passed the security tests.

The dimensions of the car are amazingly designed. It has a passenger capacity of four people. Volkswagen the Beetle reviews indicate that the car is equipped with many entertainment features. These include the following:

  • CD player
  • HD radio
  • AM/FM stereo
  • Android auto
  • MP3 Player
  • Auxiliary Audio Input
  • Apple Car Play
  • Smart device integration.

    Further, the Volkswagen Beetle for sale has a remarkable engine that ensures efficient performance of the model. It has a 4 cylinder engine that is marked as turbocharged. The turning diameter is 35.4. The engine type is identified as Regular Unleaded Intercooled Turbo. It is a user-friendly model that has a fuel tank capacity of approximately 14.5 gallons.

    Volkswagen the Beetle 2019 model also consists of different stability systems. The retro appearance and cutting-edge safety systems facilitate the users. However, its interior space for the backseat passengers is less. A used Volkswagen the Beetle can also provide a joyous ride.

    Volkswagen the Beetle for Sale

Volkswagen the Beetle review shows that the model is identified as a family car. It is identified as sensible and chipper. Volkswagen launched the Beetle range as a reborn of the original one. The users and car enthusiasts have claimed that its interior is vibrant and elegant. It has funky seats that make it look fashionable. It is different from the other Volkswagen models.

The Volkswagen Beetle for sale is a fun car. It is sensible to spend money on this model. The family-friendly model easily attracts buyers from different segments. Some believe that the exterior design of Volkswagen the Beetle is not impressive. The first impression is usually not good. However, the interior is well-designed and consists of stylish and appealing features.

Volkswagen the Beetle is a compact car. In these years, the model has remarkably achieved a strong position in the market. It has undergone various changes and developments. The enhancements in the features, designs and different aspects made it competitive. The most recent model consists of a convertible option.

Overall, the car offers comfort and convenience to its users. The interior and exterior features are up to the mark. As the company has stopped its production, people are commonly opting for the used Volkswagen the Beetle. These can be easily found in the market. However, you must select authentic and reliable dealers.


  1. Is it fun to drive Volkswagen the Beetle?

If you are looking for a fun car, Volkswagen the Beetle for sale can be the right choice. It delivers composure and a sporty look. It is easy to handle and can be driven on bumpy roads too.

  1. Is it worth spending money on the used Volkswagen Beetle?

Volkswagen the Beetle is known for its iconic styling. The 2018 model is identified as the most unique one. If you are planning to buy a used Volkswagen Beetle, you won t regret it. It is a great choice if you want a fun and affordable car. It provides an amazing experience. Its convertible model is more appealing.

  1. Is the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle model good enough?

Yes, if you are looking for a smooth ride, fun and functioning interior, and retro shape stylish model, but this. You can get Volkswagen the Beetle customized according to your personality. It is available in a range of colors and its exterior styling is remarkable.

The reviews reveal that it is a pleasantly responsive model. The automakers have integrated cutting-edge technology and security systems that are unique and offer peace of mind.

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