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Used Toyota Etios Botswana

  1. MIRA 2007 Toyota MIRA

    Price: USD 752


    Price: USD 800

  3. ESSE 2010 Toyota ESSE

    Price: USD 752

  4. LIFE 2004 Toyota LIFE

    Price: USD 800

  5. EK WAGON 2002 Toyota EK WAGON

    Price: USD 752

  6. MOVE 2005 Toyota MOVE

    Price: USD 838

  7. MIRA 2005 Toyota MIRA

    Price: USD 800

  8. DEMIO 2007 Toyota DEMIO

    Price: USD 609

  9. MR WAGON 2006 Toyota MR WAGON

    Price: USD 828

  10. MOVE 2007 Toyota MOVE

    Price: USD 752

Toyota Etios – The Ultimate Reliable & Family-Oriented Vehicle

Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers from across the globe. With so many incredible models and amazing feature upgrades, Toyota has been a trend setter in the field of car manufacturing. One of these amazingly designed models is Toyota Etios that has been fairly successful at catching all the hype. It is considered as one of the best models launched by Toyota, with a seating capacity of five and a super fuel economy of 17-24km/l. Many car critics call it the ultimate reliable and family-oriented car because of the super powerful parts it possesses and the agile yet fluent drive it offers every time.

Since the launch of Toyota Etios Botswana in 2012, it has managed to be a hot seller with almost 100 units being sold every month. Later in 2012, Toyota came up with an incredible update to the Toyota Etios Botswana by replacing their Xs models with a derivative of Sprint which brought it in the hint of sportiness into the family favorite vehicle and made it smarter than before.

Toyota Etios Review:

As a matter of fact, instead of launching an entire new model, Toyota simply made some tweaks in their popular favorite Etios and managed to hit a huge fortune. The most highlighted features could be understood in the following Toyota Etios Review –

The Aesthetics :

The standard steel rims of 14 inches that were found in the previous model got replaced with 15-inch alloy rims and a rubber (185/60R15). However, the major difference could be found in the aesthetics of the vehicle where a new grille has bee added to the front which comes with black inserts and chrome details – setting it apart from the previous model. The front is further improved and enhanced by adding a sportier airdam integrated with fog lights and a black lower grille. The changes been made in the rear are less obvious, however, the bumper has been sculpted in alignment with the design ethos at the front along with a crease that blends into the number plate.

The Mechanicals :

The mechanicals of Etios tends to be similar to that of the previous models, centered around a 1.5-liter gutsy petrol engine that is the drivers favorite since launch. Though the production power of 66kW and 132 Nm of torque might appear as low in documentation but the cheers to the low-curb weight of Toyota Etios Botswana, both the fuel consumption (6.0l/100km) and the performance are incredible and exemplary. It has a five-speed manual, a single-option range, and positive shifts to well accommodate with the engine and ensures a spectacular ride either through the zippy towns or the cruising highways.

Safety & Reliability :

Though Etios by Toyota comes with affordable pricing, the manufacturers have not really compromised on the vehicle s quality and safety just to cut down the costs. The cherry on top is Toyota Etios Botswana has been rewarded with 4-stars in the Global NCAP rating for the adult occupant protection and 3 stars for the child occupant protection. A huge credit for this achievement shall go to the integration of passenger airbags, ISOFIX child seats, Electronic Brakeforce distribution, and ABS braking.

Smart & Modern Insides :

The great Toyota Etios Botswana comes with a smart-modern cabin, remote central locking, height-adjustable drivers seat, electric windows, empowered air-conditioner, and a sound system with both Bluetooth and USB connections. With the amazing specification levels complementing well to the price range, it is the blend of performance, features, and space that makes Toyota Etios a favorite for all.

Specs for Testing in A Used Toyota Etios Botswana :

  • ARAI Mileage – 23.59 km
  • Engine – Diesel (4-liter 67.04bhp 8V D-4D)
  • Steering – Multi-functional wheel
  • Passenger Airbags
  • Power Adjustable Exterior Rear-View Mirror
  • Front Fog Lights

Used Toyota Etios Price in Botswana –

In search of a first-class used Toyota Etios in Botswana? We have got you covered with a variety of used Etios in the finest conditions. We have all the best models of Toyota Etios available at a single platform – making it super easy for you to make your choice and buy the one that suits your needs and requirements the best.

Wondering about the price range of this home-to-families vehicle? You must know that the incredible used Toyota Etios could be easily purchased at super affordable process in Botswana. In the recent times, an ideal used Toyota Etios Botswana could range in between P 65,000 to P114,999. However, you can always find a negotiable price by looking through the available variety of used Toyota Etios here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an automatic variant of Toyota Etios available in Botswana?

No, nots just in Botswana but the automatic variant of Toyota Etios could not be found anywhere in the world for it has never been launched by the manufacturers.

How many drivetrains are available in the Toyota Etios?

Toyota Etios comes with a single drivetrain in alignment with 4 cylindrical engines of 1.5 liters each, and a five-speed manual gearbox for the front wheels.

In how many styles is Toyota Etios available?

There are two different body styles available in Toyota Etios i.e., sedan and hatchback. These two come with three additional trip levels.

How is the Etios of today different from the previous ones?

The latest model of Toyota Etios is almost similar to the previous ones, mechanically. Only a little change as been made into its running since the vehicle has been launched. It was initially manufactured on the basis of a Yaris platform and still follows the same with very little upgradations over the years.

How many passengers could used Toyota Etios Botswana accommodate?

Known for its family-oriented design, used Toyota Etios Botswana could easily be a home to the family of five with utmost flexibility and clarity of the views outside.

How popular Is Toyota Etios in the market?

The great family car, Toyota Etios, seem to be pretty famous across the vicinities of Botswana. It has all the right features and design to be accommodated on the roads of Botswana.


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