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Buy Second Hand Toyota Corolla In Kenya At Cheap Prices

  1. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,050

  2. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,000

  3. COROLLA 2002 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,940

  4. COROLLA 2002 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,800

  5. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,130

  6. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,160

  7. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,160

  8. COROLLA 2006 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,430

  9. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 1,830

  10. COROLLA 2001 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,100

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Used Japanese Cars in Kenya

Kenya is a big market with respect to the sales of the used cars and when it comes to Japanese cars Kenyan usually goes for used Toyota cars. Why? Well there are many reasons behind it first of all, Toyota is one of the leading and one of the most reliable car exporting companies in Japan which is globally recognized and reliable people tend to buy Toyota cars without worrying about fraud. Second, each and every car that offered by Toyota is durable, up to date technology and provide economical fuel consumption.

Toyota Corolla – Most Successful Car by Toyota

Most of the cars have the perfect balance of interior and exterior equation which is most of the other brands does not have. There are many successful cars offered by Toyota in which Toyota Corolla is on the top due to the popularity it gets right after the release from different countries. Almost all countries who import Japanese cars must import Toyota corolla. One of the reasons behind its popularity and quick success is the reliability of the car. The car corolla is extremely reliable in terms of engine efficiency and safety.

Diverse Chassis Models

From 1966 till now, there are a variety of different chassis offered under the specification of Toyota Corolla from which most of them are still available in used car market in Kenya. There are few models of corolla that are introduced with the world’s most favorite Japanese cars of all time those cars includes Sprinter Trunero, Corolla Levin and Corolla Ceres Hardtop in both coupe as well as hatchback. Moreover, in 1997 Toyota corolla surpassed the very famous and stylish Volkswagen beetle as well.

Look & Feel

The exterior of the Corolla is extremely radiant and soft and comes with high quality headlight that beams on the road. The light of the car is much more enhanced in the newer version with the fog lights that makes night driving on the dark roads easy. Moreover, the front grill of the car is pretty stylish and same friendly as the previous one. The elegant and high quality allow wheels and rims of the car makes the car image much more attractive and appealing, gives a classy look on the road and stand out from other cars.

These are some of the benefits and characteristics of the car Toyota corolla that makes this car so popular in Kenya used cars market. You will find many used Toyota Corolla cars for sale on different platforms in Kenya.


Cities of Kenya Where Toyota Corolla Has Great Demand

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
  • Kehancha
  • Ruiru



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