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Used Toyota Belta in Zimbabwe Review

  1. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,030

  2. BELTA 2008 Toyota BELTA

    Price: ASK

  3. BELTA 2008 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,310

  4. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,718

  5. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,030

  6. BELTA 2007 Toyota BELTA

    Price: ASK

  7. BELTA 2006 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 2,900

  8. BELTA 2010 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 4,194

  9. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,834

  10. BELTA 2009 Toyota BELTA

    Price: USD 3,466

The Japanese compact Toyota Belta Zimbabwe is a well-developed car in terms of style and Quality. The length of the Belta is reasonable, but the interior space is wisely developed to assure good habitability for its passengers. 

  • The dimensions of width and height make the Toyota Belta an ideal car for city driving. In general, height and length are slightly lower than the outgoing generation, but its advanced TNGA-B platform assures your comfortable travel.

  • The Japanese compact cuts bridges with the past in stylistic terms, focusing on a completely revised design made up of softer and more rounded lines, which give a   refined and sporty look.

  • On its front, there is a trapezoidal air intake that is covered by the LED headlights. Its rear fenders are well developed, while the rearview features completely innovative such as the headlights united in a single black fascia and a well-styled extractor in the lower part of the bumper.

  • Toyota has recently debuted the GR; it is a very sporty three-door version of the Belta. It is characterized by widened fenders to accommodate large tires with alloy wheels and sportier bumpers.

  • Toyota has profoundly renewed its interior. Overall Quality is the result of careful research in the selection of materials and assemblies. 

  • The dashboard has a more "solid" appearance than in the past and is now dominated by the advanced infotainment system compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay. There is also a head-up display that is proposed as an option. Please note, the Belta is equipped with adaptive Cruise Control as standard. 

Toyota Belta Review

The Toyota Belta is a sensible choice for those who want low running costs, reliability, and a practical and spacious interior for transporting people or luggage. The Belta is a very spacious and well-equipped car, although some of its competitors lose points in engine sprint and drivability compared to some of its competitors. 


The used Toyota Belta in Zimbabwe is a city car; however, it secured its strong points in excellent reliability and low fuel consumption. This car has very low CO2 emissions and is considered one of the era s best economy cars. Among the strengths of the Toyota Belta, we also find a cabin that is spacious for its passengers. Inside, there is a lovely and functional touchscreen-based infotainment system. 


Despite its size, Belta has vast space in the front, while the passengers space is generous. The trunk volume is above average for this car but is reduced if the hybrid model is chosen. Besides, used Toyota Belta Zimbabwe can be equipped with a wide array of petrol and diesel engines, including hybrid petrol / electric ones.


On the other hand, it is a fact that the car is not particularly good to drive, especially outside the city and on the motorway as the steering is not very sensitive and the engine is not very refined. The steering is direct, the distance between the front and rear wheels is increased, transmitting additional stability, but the brakes behavior changes its tone.


The stiff frame and softer cushioning are a combination that leads to rather well absorb road roughness, but there are lots of precision and compactness of set-up in the trajectories. The Belta is one of the cars that offer the assured reliability. In terms of customer satisfaction, it was among the best on the market. 


Expected Specs in Used Toyota Belta in Zimbabwe

Cylinder Configuration:     In-Line              Transmission Type: non-auto
Fuel:         Unleaded Regular        Class:        Compact Passenger Car
Drivetrain:        FWD             Width:              66.7
Front Headroom:        38.2      Front Legroom:          41.9
Cylinders:      4 Trim Level:  L (Manual) Sedan
Body Style:          Sedan      MPG: 30/39


Prerequisites to Buy Used Car or Used Toyota Belta in Zimbabwe

As it is discussed earlier, "As a law-abiding citizen, it is your responsibility to know and follow all required importing procedures. Besides, it should be noted that to have a legalized import of used Toyota Belta in Zimbabwe, one needs to consult those dealers.

However, as a prerequisite, a legal importer should have Form 47 (ZIMRA Customs Declaration Form) for declarations and submit to the authorities with all necessary details.

Also, there is another obligation to submit different necessary docs including Invoice/agreement of sale, Freight docs, SARPCO Certificate to get Police clearance when imports are being done from Southern Africa, Bill of entry with all necessary info, Registration book (in specific cases only), Storage, Insurance, Selling commission, Brokerage, and Handling docs, etc.

Please note, the discussed information is precise and just for information purposes; for an importer, it is inevitable to fetch and follow all prerequisites. However, alternatively, a buyer should consult with used car exporter to ensure a happy and legalized deal."

The Toyota Belta Is Available In Different Versions:

*  Active: the basic version that does not give up some high-impact technological gadgets.
*  Trend: Very refined and dedicated to those looking for a fair compromise between cost and yield.
*  Dynamic: ideal for those who want adequate equipment for the challenges of daily traffic.
*  Lounge: equipped with every kind of comfort, it makes the Belta a small flagship.
*  Style: its two-tone paint look versatile and nice.
*  ADAS: It is rich technology, and ADAS is dedicated to used car buyers, as well. 
*  GR: the sports version inspired by various used car exporters.

Pros & Cons: Toyota Belta Zimbabwe

ü  Thrifty: if you choose the full hybrid engine, you forget to refuel.

ü  Technological: large ADAS equipment, which increases the level of safety.

ü  Spacious: even four can travel comfortably.

ü  Interiors well made with quality materials.

ü  Reliability: Reduced consumption and high reliability.

ü  Value: It does not lose value over time.

ü  It is considered the best in its category.


×  Not particularly fun to drive.

×  Steering problems.

×  The price is not the lowest in the used car exporter, too.



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