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Used Toyota Auris Price In Kenya

  1. AURIS 2007 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,090

  2. AURIS 2010 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,820

  3. AURIS 2010 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 3,580

  4. AURIS 2008 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,610

  5. AURIS 2011 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 3,280

  6. AURIS 2011 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 3,460

  7. AURIS 2007 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,690

  8. AURIS 2011 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 3,540

  9. AURIS 2008 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,280

  10. AURIS 2008 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 2,510

Toyota is a Japanese automaker that designed and manufactured the Toyota Auris, a significant hatchback popular throughout Kenya. The Toyota Auris was introduced in 2006; as of 2018, it is currently in its third generation.

The original model has a variety of strong, cost-efficient, low-emission engines and cutting-edge safety measures. Additionally, this vehicle is available in two distinct body types: the little hatchback and the extensive touring activity.



Is Toyota Auris Worth Buying?

Although the Toyota Auris interior has adequate capacity for people and their belongings, a Honda Civic will continue to be more practical for daily driving. There is not much to thrill people inside, but everything seems sturdy, and the arrangement is very simple.

The Toyota Auris has simple controls that drive it without being overly thrilling. In addition, it boasts several technological and safety elements that are not present in cars made locally.

For example, it contains lane departure warnings, vehicle collision avoidance, and hill assistance for safety, and both front and rear seat passengers must have airbags. In terms of technology, it boasts Bluetooth, a reverse parking sensor, a high-tech key, and more; a full list of features is available.

If you avoid the bare-bones Access model at the low end of the spectrum, equipment is rather plentiful throughout. All mid-range versions are well-equipped and may be upgraded to include leather or a remember sitting for an extra amount. Pricing for trim levels and extras is typically competitive with the Ford Focus, a direct competitor.



Toyota Auris Price In Kenya

The Toyota Auris price in Kenya is very competitive in the Kenyan automotive industry, starting from 2,000,000 Kenyan shillings (KSH), which is approximately 16,475 USD until the new upgrades are made.



Toyota Auris Specifications

The Toyota Auris is equipped with a metal sheet on the front and back sides. Additionally, it is driven by a 2AZ-FE 2.4-liter Toyota engine. The other specifications of Toyota Auris include the following:

1. Engine Capacity - 1,196 - 1,797 CC

2. Length - 4245 – 4595 mm

3. Height - 1460 – 1510 mm

4. Width - 1,760 mm

5. Gross Weight - 1720 To 1920 kg

6. Curb Weight - 1150 To 1545 kg

7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

8. Alloy Wheels

9. Keyless Start & Entry

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