Buy Secondhand Toyota Allion In Kenya At Cheap Prices

  1. ALLION 2014 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,340

  2. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 2,810

  3. ALLION 2018 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 9,190

  4. ALLION 2019 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 14,000

  5. ALLION 2012 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 7,450

  6. ALLION 2018 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 8,150

  7. ALLION 2010 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 4,190

  8. ALLION 2007 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 3,020

  9. ALLION 2006 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 2,880

  10. ALLION 2013 Toyota ALLION

    Price: USD 6,300

Kenya, being a commercial, economic and logistic hub of the entire region is considered to be the most developed economy of eastern Africa. Here the automotive sector is primarily focused on the assembling, retailing and distribution of the motor vehicles. Toyota is one of those Motor vehicle dealers who is significantly contributing to spur economic growth of the country. Toyota Allion for sale in Kenya, following an elegant approach regarding design, gives strong emphasis on meeting the needs of the younger generation of Kenya. Due to a hefty price tag, Toyota Allion in Kenya was considered to be an expensive model, but the amazing interior, customization, and luxury attached to the car are justifying the cost.


Spacious and Detailed Interior

First generation of Toyota Allion for sale unveiled in 2001 and the second generation in 2007. It was a successor of Toyota Carina which came in the 1970s with refined appearances. It was another elegant model coming out from Toyota with engine and interior similar to Premio. This sporty, yet stylish sedan each time debuted with a wide range of outstanding features and great functionality. Toyota Allion, with a sense of extreme luxury and increase in length and width, offers enhanced quality and improvement in space. Soft leather inside the vehicle gives passenger a real feel for being the first-class car. Exceptionally comfortable front seat with adjustment capability allows the driver to enjoy a desirable driving position. Ample space for leg room and an option to lean backward, sleek dashboards with carbon-fiber trims and seven-inch OLED screen are some headline features of the interior.


The Amazing Exterior

Toyota Allion is fascinating in terms of looks. The exterior of new sedan is not just great, but it is attractive in design too. The model is available in seven colors. Silver chrome accent around the fog lamp has made the front sleeker. The bright LED lamps have replaced the tail-lights. The side mirrors featuring some reflector light makes it quite exceptional.


Engine and Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption figures vary depending on the improvements to the engine with changing iteration. The fuel consumption for a 1.5-liter model was improved to 18 km/L and for the 1.8-liter model was 17 km/L because of the updates in engine, transmission and alternator control technology. The preferred type of fuel for the engine is gasoline, and the vehicle is known for offering amazing fuel economy, especially when it comes to driving on the open roads.



Toyota Allion for sale in Kenya market is mostly favored because of luxurious looks. Either it is a new car or used Toyota Allion for sale in Kenya; it is positioned as a premium car with sporty vibes. Lavish and comfortable interior, top-notch features and amenities can never make it lag behind the competition in Kenya. Toyota Allion price in Kenya is a bit competitive ranging from $17000 to $1800. Thanks to the rapid expansion of retail and distribution sector, Toyota Allion made its debut in the Kenya market.

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